Want to be more profitable?

Want to be More Profitable? Here's How.

11 March 2016

How can small architectural practices be more profitable? Rena Klein outlines the issues to consider, and some strategies for getting started.

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Measuring productivity

Measuring Productivity

11 March 2016

What is productivity and how should we measure it? Robert Peake reports on recent survey findings and suggests strategies for architectural practices.

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We need to talk about money

We Need to Talk about Money

15 October 2017

Peter Raisbeck provides a snappy outline of the ten profit drivers of small architectural practice.

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Managing for profitability

Managing your way to profitability

12 September 2017

Dynamic leadership, talented employees, exciting projects and appreciative clients mean little if a firm is stressed and struggling with its bottom line, says Jennekin Dicks. Managing profitability well can make all the difference.

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6 Business Tips

6 Business Tips for Architects

6 June 2017

How do you increase the value of your business and put your clients front and centre? Lindy Johnson shares six helpful tips.

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Fee Structures and Productivity

Fee Structures and Productivity Output

6 November 2014

How do we improve practice profitability? Job-by-job, day-by-day. Greg Wines reports on the discussion at the ACA – Qld/NT’s November event. 

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