Michael Smith

Fixing the Building Industry - A Wishlist

19 September 2019

With defect-prone apartment buildings in the spotlight, it’s clear that Australia’s apartment procurement system needs a serious redesign. Michael Smith highlights the state of play in the building industry, and lays out his wishlist of reforms. 

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Australian Standards

A Question of Standards

12 September 2019

With the high cost of accessing Australian Standards, how can we expect high levels of compliance in the building industry? Easy access to clear, understandable Standards must be a priority, argues John Held.

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President's Comment

How Can Architects Take Action?

3 September 2019

As governments tackle systemic issues in the building industry, John Held outlines some of the ways that architects can make an impact.

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Andrew Cialini

Building Industry Needs Significant Cultural Change

30 August 2019

Newly appointed Victorian State Building Surveyor Andrew Cialini says it’s time for the building industry to preference public safety and quality over cost, and to implement change for the good of overall outcomes rather than self-interest. 

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ACA Advocacy

ACA Response to BMF Decision

19 July 2019

The BMF announcement to adopt a consistent national approach to reform in the Australian construction industry is welcome news. 

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Victorian Cladding Taskforce

Victorian Government Leadership on Cladding

17 July 2019

The release of the Victorian Cladding Taskforce Final Report and associated program of work is welcomed by the ACA, but the Federal Government must also take action to ensure a unified national approach.

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Kim Lovegrove

How to Solve the Building Practitioner Insurance Crisis in Australia

2 July 2019

The PI insurance crisis is upon us – but how did it come to this? Senior Construction Lawyer Kim Lovegrove identifies the key challenges, and outlines his ideas for bringing the Australian building industry back from the brink.

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Joint Statement - Implementing the Building Confidence Report

21 June 2019

The government must act now to ensure the design and construction of safe, well-constructed buildings and to restore public trust in Australia’s built environment.

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WA Cladding Update

WA Cladding Update

9 May 2019

ACA – WA President Malcolm Jones gives an overview of the WA cladding audit, issues around ACP compliance, and some early next steps.

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Implementing the Building Confidence Report

Shergold Weir Report Implementation

28 April 2019

The Building Confidence Report Implementation Plan has now been released. What does it mean for the architecture profession? Where are the opportunities and what are the challenges? How is the ACA working on a response? We present a summary of the plan and ACA commentary for each state and territory. 

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President comment

ACA President's Comment

28 April 2019

In light of the release of the Building Confidence Implementation Plan, ACA National President John Held revisits the recent history of regulation in the Australian construction industry and the challenge of timely reform and coordination between all states and territories.

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Design Risk

Forget Design Quality, it’s all about Design Risk!

17 April 2019

Thinking about design risk in strategic terms is imperative for the profession, but it is often sidelined in practice, and is barely mentioned in architecture schools. Peter Raisbeck explores the concept of design risk.

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Where to Now?

Where to Now?

6 March 2019

John Held argues that we need to take both collective action and individual responsibility if we are to address the complex, tangled problems of procurement, quality and risk. 

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Lacrosse Fire

Lacrosse Fire VCAT Decision

1 March 2019

In the coming weeks, the ACA will explore the detail of the Lacrosse Fire judgement and possible implications for architects.

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Michael Lewarne

Not Just a Matter of Good Design

26 February 2019

As architects, we should be selling our ability to realise a well-constructed, quality, safe building rather than focusing solely on design, argues Michael Lewarne.

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Stephen Pearse

Defragging Procurement

20 February 2019

Current fragmented systems for procuring and delivering complex building projects are compromising the built outcome, to the detriment of the consumer, the public and the built environment professions. Stephen Pearse argues that the building procurement process needs a complete defrag.

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Building Quality

Building Commissioner Auditing Not Enough

13 February 2019

The NSW Government announcement of a new Building Commissioner to audit building design and construction does not go far enough. Government needs to investigate the construction contracting methods, relationships and behaviours that affect building quality and safety.

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Welcome to 2019

Welcome to 2019

19 January 2019

The year has begun with a focus on quality – and the lack of it. ACA President John Held considers what architects and the ACA can do to improve the quality of the built environment.

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Michael Hegarty thumb

Bring Back the Clerk of Works

17 January 2019

In the wake of the Opal Tower debacle, Michael Hegarty explores the role of the Clerk of Works, and the need to return this key project role to Australian construction sites.

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Shergold Weir Report

Building Confidence

18 August 2018

John Held provides an overview on recent discussions at the COAG Building Ministers Forum regarding the Shergold-Weir Report, Building Confidence.

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Building Confidence: The Shergold-Weir Repor

Building Confidence: The Shergold-Weir Report and its Implications for Architects

11 May 2018

The Shergold-Weir Report argues for better quality documentation and improved oversight. ACA – SA President John Held digs down to see what the recommendations might mean for architects. 

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