The Built Environment Channel

8 September 2019

Do you have the BEC in your practice yet? Michael Smith discusses the benefits of the free streaming service and gives us an update on its recent news and initiatives.

Across the country, a digital transformation is underway, which is tackling the knowledge management problem in architecture practices. The Built Environment Channel, which launched in 2018, has been busy connecting practices into a digital screen network which provides key industry updates, news and inspiration directly to architects. This service is free for all eligible architecture practices across Australia.

The ACA was an enthusiastic partner with BEC from the very beginning, as the opportunities to improve and expand ACA’s communication and advocacy to the profession were obvious. However, there are even greater benefits for the profession possible as a result of this world-first architecture communications network.

With equitable practice being critical for a healthy and sustainable business, in September the BEC will be championing Parlour Inc across the network. During September, the Built Environment Channel will be running feature content pieces around the Parlour Guides for Equitable Practice, Marion’s List and thought leadership pieces. Most significantly, however, for every new architecture practice to sign up to receive the Built Environment Channel in September, BEC will donate $200 to Parlour Inc. to help it continue its important mission. This ethos of providing financial support for the architecture and built environment professions is part of the DNA of the Built Environment Channel, and it has been from day one.

One of the very early initiatives of the Built Environment Channel was to financially support the Gender Equity in Landscape Architecture Project. This research project conducted by Parlour Inc. and the XYX Lab at Monash University provided for the first time a data-based assessment of the equity issues facing the landscape architecture profession. This has already enabled changes to be made, which will improve the overall landscape architecture profession.

Excitingly, as the network scales up, a new support mechanism for our profession will come into effect. The Built Environment Channel Build Forward Fund will be a specific source of funding available for the built environment professions to expand advocacy, research, equity and public engagement activities. Written into every BEC agreement is the requirement for the business to set aside 10% of its revenue to directly fund initiatives in the professional and public interest. Organisations that are participating in the network will have the opportunity to pitch ideas for funding if they choose.

The Built Environment Channel is quickly proving itself not only as a world-class communications platform, but also that business can have generosity at its core and still flourish.

If your practice is not yet on the Built Environment Channel Network, you can book a demonstration via the website. There is no cost to practices in receiving the BEC.