The Importance of Social Housing

3 November 2021

Join Mecca Events and a panel of social housing design and development professionals on Wednesday 17 November for a comprehensive discussion on achieving successful sustainable social housing outcomes. BOOK NOW!

The expectation of home and land ownership has long been embedded in the Australian psyche, but for a growing number of Australians it’s a distant dream. With price and housing supply pressures flowing on to higher costs of renting, many people have been forced to seek security in social housing accommodation.

Well-designed social housing can be both the saviour and enabler for people at so many levels by improving outcomes for mental health, social connection, education and employment. Well-designed social housing, therefore, has an important role to play in improving people’s lives.

On 17 November, a panel of experts will share their experiences in designing, developing and operating social housing developments.

The webinar will be led by Sydney architect and leading social housing designer, Anthony Nolan (Kennedy Associates) along with a group of social housing design and development professionals. The presentations and discussion will cover the following:

  • What are some of the varieties and types of social housing models being built?
  • What is critical to delivering successful project outcomes?
  • What are the key considerations for resident comfort – energy, flexibility, community issues, outdoor spaces, accessibility and being climate appropriate?
  • How do we integrate social housing communities within the local area services and activities to imbue connectedness and equality of opportunity and amenity?
  • What are the key considerations when designing for residents with special needs – health, accessibility, and cultural groups?
  • What are the types of structures of Modern Social Housing Developments – Government, Developer and Non-For-Profit Housing Providers?
  • How do architects best design for “sustainable social housing outcomes” that promote resilience against climate extremes and consider the ongoing operational and maintenance costs as well as the living expenses of occupants?
  • What is the role for innovative construction concepts for social housing – prefab/modular possibilities and materials?
  • Case studies of various social housing projects throughout Australia.


Wednesday, 17 October 2021
5–7.45pm AEDT


$90 per person plus GST, 20% discount for ACA members applies (see discount code below)

Purchase includes access to live studio-recorded webinar, course notes, MP4 recording of the session and CPD certificate.


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2 formal CPD points

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