The State of the Profession

19 February 2015

The ACA is delighted to announce that ACA – SA has been awarded the Architectural Practice Board of SA Research Fellowship.

The 2015 Fellowship has been awarded to John Held, ACA – SA President, and Susan Phillips, ACA – SA Committee Member for the research project The State of the Profession – SA Pilot Study.

This project aims to understand the current position of the profession, and how this reflects recent structural change, in order to provide a firm evidence base from which to strategise about the future roles. It focuses on two questions:

  • What structural changes have occurred with the profession in the last decade?
  • How might these structural changes impact on the profession in the future?

The project will provide a clear picture of the current state of the architecture profession in South Australia. This will provide a vital evidence base for architects, practices and professional bodies as they strategise for the futures of the profession. Such an evidence base is currently lacking, but is fundamental to effective future planning.

The ACA intends that this project will form a pilot study for a larger, nation-wide study.