Understanding Standards

11 November 2021

The ABCB is offering a 20% discount as an introductory offer for its newly released one-hour NCC CPD course on understanding Australian Standards and other NCC referenced documents.

New editions of Australian Standards are published on a regular basis, but did you know these new editions are not automatically adopted under the NCC? Are you certain about which parts of a standard or reference document are actually applicable and which parts are not? And if you do want to use an edition not currently referenced in the NCC, do you know how they form part of a Performance Solution?

“Understanding Standards and other Referenced Documents” is a one-hour, formal CPD course from the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB). This course aims to build an understanding of the National Construction Code (NCC) referenced documents that cover the design, installation and testing of materials and components used in construction.

This course is offered in an online, multimedia format that allows participants to work through the content at their own pace. It helps practitioners understand which parts of a standard do and do not have to be complied with for the purposes of the NCC, and includes an explanation of how referenced documents are used for verifying compliance under Deemed-to-Satisfy or Performance Solution pathways.

To find out more and for a limited 20% off discount offer, view course details here.

The ABCB offers a suite of NCC formal CPD courses, broadly grouped under Design and Engineering, Compliance, and Construction and Engineering, but which can be relevant across the professions depending on your CPD needs and interests.

The subject areas have been carefully chosen to reflect the major issues and challenges as part of responding to the Shergold and Weir Building Confidence Report. Experts from relevant disciplines have contributed to developing course content and supporting materials, to ensure NCC CPD courses are both relevant and practical.

Find more information here and click on the various areas to see what best suits you from the available courses. You can also subscribe to stay up-to-date with the release of new courses as they become available.