Vaccinations – Commonly Asked Questions

Tom Earls , 12 October 2021

As NSW comes out of lockdown, with Victoria soon to follow, questions continue to be raised about vaccinations and workplace rules. Tom Earls from Fair Work Lawyers tackles some curly questions about vaccination status and the workplace for ACA members.

Much of the public conversation about vaccination to date has focused on whether an employer can direct employees to be vaccinated and what happens if the employee does not do so. As the conversation has developed, further subsidiary considerations have begun to emerge around the interaction between vaccinated and unvaccinated persons in the workplace.

This article looks at a series of these emerging considerations. Like most legal questions in this pandemic, there is very little precedent for the specific application of the law, and so we need to look at first principles. Many of the considerations are the same as the question about employees. You should refer to this update for background, which the below discussion builds upon.

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