Vaccinations – September Update

Tom Earls , 22 September 2021

In February and August this year, we updated members on the emerging debate about vaccinations and the workplace. Our legal advisor, Tom Earls from Fair Work Lawyers, has provided a further timely update for ACA members on the current advice around vaccination for employers, with a focus on assessing risks and implementing control measures, third-party mandates, workplace discrimination laws, employee refusal and vaccine incentives.

This is a complex and emerging area of law and careful consideration and risk-management strategies will be vital for all employers navigating the area. We will continue to bring you updates, providing insights and advice into the considerations employers need to take into account.


NOTE: Member Only Content

Tom Earls is a Founding Partner of Adelaide-based Fair Work Lawyers. The above matters are necessarily general in nature and advice must be sought for specific circumstances.

This is an emerging area of law that involves the interaction of multiple laws. If you would like further information in relation to these matters, please contact the team at Fair Work Lawyers.