Vic/Tas Update - Business Toolbox, IR & Events

2 December 2019

The ACA – Vic/Tas Committee have had a busy year of advocacy, events and business tool development, with plenty more to come in 2020.


The Vic/Tas committee has been working hard on a series of updated versions of our current tools and resources. The redesign of the Salary Calculator will allow for easier updates and Version 3 of the Time Cost Calculator Guide will incorporate issues of innovation, risk and repetition to allow a more sophisticated way to calculate the charging of hourly rates. We also have a new resource sharing tool free to members, which we’re looking forward to launching next year.

Throughout 2019 we have been strengthening our relationships with key bodies in the industry, such as the ARBV and VBA, and look forward to working more closely over the next year. We also met with the Architecture Lobby to discuss their concerns and ambitions.

We have met with Igloo Vision to see the application of innovative technology in the industry and its application and benefits. We have also been establishing connections with the ACAUK and are reviewing their Alliance UK contracts with a view to assessing their applicability in our region.


We are pleased to have started our events program again, with two very successful events in the second half of the year. On 27 August, we ran the thought-provoking Social Conscience of Architecture event with the wonderful speakers Robert Goodliffe from ClarkeHopkinsClarke and Leeanne Marshall from the Australian Red Cross and Architects Without Frontiers. On 23 September, we ran the successful Financial Management for your Practice event with speakers Jeff Klein (Deltek), Glenn Fleisher (The Business of Architecture) and Daniel Haskell (Haskell Architects).

For both events, our very experienced speakers attracted a good crowd of members and non-members, and it was a pleasure to hear about their experiences, observations and advice. It was great to work for the first time with Brickworks and Deltek in delivering these events. It has also been of benefit to have our national sponsor Planned Cover available to provide updates and their perspective on the many pertinent issues in our industry that have been on centre stage this year.

On 9 October, ACA – Vic/Tas committee member, Kirby Roper, participated as a panel speaker for the Architeam event Redefining Success, discussing topics such as the long-hours culture and unpaid internships with Adam Furman and Warwick Mihaly. On 11 November, Vic/Tas President Paul Viney joined the panel discussion People, Planet and Profit: The Triple Bottom Line at the Business of Architecture and Design conference in Sydney. The wide-ranging discussion provided much food for thought and it is anticipated that we will continue the conversation with further articles and events in 2020.

We’re currently working on our schedule for next year and we’d like to hear from members about what events and services are most valued and important to them. Please send your feedback and ideas to Katherine Ygosse.

1 - Leeanne Marshall

2 - Robert Goodliffe


This year there has been much ongoing work engaging with the review of the Architects Award through the Fair Work Commission. This work has been led by David Wagner and the IR Sub-Committee alongside Michael Corrigan from Platinum Employee Relations. See the brief overview of industrial relations for 2019.


Our long-serving Executive Officer for ACA – Vic/Tas, Michelle Eades, has stepped down this year after more than 25 years of service. Michelle started with the ACA at its inception and has been an integral part of its growth and development. Fortunately for us, she remains with the ACA in her busy National Executive Officer role and we’re fortunate to still have her knowledge and experience to draw on.

Finally, thanks to the ACA – Vic/Tas committee and our new Executive Officer Katherine Ygosse for her continuing efforts and support.