Website Copywriting Fundamentals

11 November 2022

Words matter! Just like every line on a drawing matters, so does every word of your website. Watch this presentation by copywriter and marketing strategist Nikita Morell on website copywriting fundamentals.

This CPD webinar was held on 2 November 2022.


This national online CPD webinar explores why the words on your website are important and how you can use your words to get a steady flow of more (and better) clients. Watch this engaging, actionable webinar covering website copywriting fundamentals. You’ll walk away with tips and ideas so you can immediately improve your homepage, about page, and website biographies. You’ll also gain access to lots of real-life examples of architecture practices that have nailed their website messaging.

Our Speaker

Nikita Morell is a copywriter for only architects. She is also the founder of Architects WordShop: an online shop dedicated to helping architects with their words. Nikita specialises in making architecture websites sound more human, less robot – so architects can get a steady stream of ridiculously good projects. Nikita analysed 663 architecture websites; you can see the results on her website.


Members $25
Non-members $40
*One ticket per attendee.

Learning outcomes

  1. Describe the importance of having a website for your firm.
  2. Determine the strategic copywriting elements of above-the-fold on the homepage.
  3. Learn how to move away from me-centric to client-focused copy on your website.
  4. Understand key elements of a website biography.
  5. Explore various real-life examples of architecture firm websites that have engaging website copy.


Participation in this 1 hour webinar will deliver 1 formal CPD point.

Units of Competency and Performance Criteria:  Practice Management and Professional Conduct – PC 1

APBSA Core Area:  Practice Management

The webinar will include time for a Q&A with the speaker with a self-checked CPD assessment task. Certificates will be provided following participation in the full webinar and online submission of answers to CPD questions.


Please contact Katherine Ygosse at for further details on the event.