Welcome Agi Sterling

10 July 2017

Agi Sterling is the new ACA – NSW /ACT president, following her recent work as the branch’s Vice President.

Agi has spent the last 10 years as a sole practitioner, following 20 years in large practices, a career that has given her an understanding of both ends of the practice spectrum. In her work for the ACA she is joined by the new Vice President, Steve Pearse of dwp. They see themselves as a team with complementary skills and experience in terms of understanding the current issues for both large and small practice.

Agi plans to continue on the path established by Steve Kennedy, and ensure that the ACA stays current and relevant. She will work to form a stronger ACA community in New South Wales / ACT by running more face-to-face events and functions, along with an online chat site where members can discuss issues concerning the business of architecture.

This new chat site is being established by new committee member, Justin Loe. Planned Cover will overview issues of insurance, while Brendan Hoffman of Bradbury lawyers will provide oversight of legal discussions.

The new national webinars chair Michael Lewarne will work closely with the National Webinar Coordinator, Katherine Ygosse, to deliver sessions that respond to a range of current issues facing architects.

The first new function for ACA – NSW / ACT will be held in conjunction with the NSW Architects Registration Board to welcome newly registered architects. These newly minted architects will be invited to the function with their employers, and thereby be introduced to the world of the ACA.

Agi has already been on the road with Steve Kennedy and ACA – NSW / ACT Executive Office Marie Frost. On 26 June they visited Canberra to meet existing ACA members and introduce the ACA to potential new members. The event included a a lively discussion about forming a potential sub branch of the ACA in the ACT, and work is underway on this. Generally there was a lot of interest in what ACA does and there was a clear feeling the association fills a gap in the profession.

Agi looks forward to a busy and interesting year in her new role.