Working with the Budget

17 April 2023

informed by Planned Cover is offering a 15% discount for ACA members for its next national webinar on Working with the Budget on 11 May, featuring Risk Manager Wendy Poulton and Architect Clare Cousins.

Even in a normal market, it’s no easy task to design a compliant, quality project that meets the client’s evolving needs within a budget that may be (at best) limited and (at worst) unclear, unknown or variable. And this is not a normal market.

For this lunchtime webinar, Wendy Poulton, Risk Manager at informed by Planned Cover, will look at consultants’ obligations when it comes to meeting a client’s budget, illustrated by a recent domestic project claim decided by the NSW Court of Appeal. Architect Clare Cousins will share her experience of working with client budgets generally, and under the heightened challenges of the last two years. The session will also cover the practicalities of tools like contingencies, value management processes and price flexibility within building contracts, as well as how budget obligations should and shouldn’t be addressed in consultancy agreements.


12.30–1.30pm Thursday, 11 May 2023


General admission $90
ACA members 15% discount – Log in below to access the discount code.


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