HR Policy Templates

12 May 2014

The ACA is delighted to announce that a set of HR Policy Templates are now available to members.

The HR Policy Templates have been developed by ACA – Qld. Comprehensive and written in plain English, they can be readily tailored to suit the needs of specific practices. Templates include the following:

  1. Recruitment and Selection Policy
  2. Employee Management Policy
  3. Code of Conduct Policy
  4. Leave Policy

The policy templates will be available to members for $300 + GST – a small investment for the significant advantage of having articulate, well-thought out policies in place in your practice. FInd out more about the benefits of good HR policies.

The ACA HR Policy Templates are available to ACA members only. They can be purchased directly from ACA – Qld. Email Louise Street at or phone 1300 653 026.

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