ACA - SA November 2016

John Held , 10 November 2016

Advocacy and action continues apace in South Australia.

DPTI Prequalification Changes

The DPTI Prequalification System for Professional Services Contractors has been under review, with the aim of updating the process to reflect current industry conditions and improve its efficiency and effectiveness. This has been a robust process involving consultation with peak bodies including the Association of Consulting Architects, the Australian Institute of Architects, and Consult Australia.

Prequalification is an important facet of the State Government’s procurement process. It provides a mechanism for selecting consultants with suitable expertise, makes subsequent tender processes more efficient, manages risk and provides government with a record of industry participation and performance.

We have argued to retain prequalification for builders, specialist trades, lead and secondary consultants. These arguments have been accepted, and the classification of consultants into three categories with varying project values depending on their complexity, risk profile and size seems to be a good outcome.

We are organising an information session in conjunction with the Institute and Consult Australia – details coming soon.

Local Content

Since our roundtable with the Industry Advocate, Ian Nightingale in September we have heard more reports of concerns about how architects should be specifying local products. The information required to do this is often unclear, incomplete and difficult and time-consuming to research.

Ian was keen to work with us to clarify the situation – we do need a couple of volunteers to help with clear guidelines to help architects navigate this tricky area.

Contact John Held if you can help!

DECD Master Planning

As noted previously, ACA – SA was invited by DECD to assist with new forms of master planning for schools. This resulted in a paper suggesting the establishment of a “Learning Environment Planning Study” format, which would precede a full feasibility study or master planning, at an agreed fee dependent on the size of the school.  The idea seems popular with schools and the first trial projects should commence soon.

Keith Neighbour Study Group

Another group has successfully navigated the path to registration! Congratulations to those who participated in the latest group – the next group will start prior to the exams in the New Year.