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The ACA works with a number of great partners who support our work at national and branch levels. They regularly offer interesting events and timely news items. We also publish articles from industry specialists on topics that educate and assist our members with the efficient running of their businesses.


New ARDEX Specification Hub

19 June 2024

Want to save time planning your next project? This new Specification Hub is specially designed to provide architects, consultants and specifiers with 24/7 access to ARDEX technical product literature.

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Centred in the regions

20 May 2024

The Regional Architects Association is offering ACA members a 15% discount for their upcoming multi-day June event in Yamba on the north coast of NSW. A varied program of activities will include a studio visit, walking tour, engaging speakers, social meals, house visits and a refreshing dip in the ocean.

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Negotiation: Putting your practice in the best position

24 April 2024

informed by Planned Cover is offering a 15% discount for ACA members for its upcoming CPD webinar on Negotiation. Barrister and mediator Tony Horan will explore the fundamentals of contract negotiation plus tips and risks around dispute resolution. Don’t miss it.

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New Ardex Oceania HQ

16 April 2024

ACA partner Ardex Australia has built a new six-star green rating manufacturing regional warehouse in Kemps Creek in western Sydney. It is positioned as an Industry 4.0 building materials manufacturer for Oceania, and demonstrates a commitment to local manufacturing and Australian-made supply.

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Performance under pressure

27 March 2024

informed by Planned Cover is offering a 15% discount for ACA members for its next CPD webinar titled Performance under pressure: Fundamentals of Managing Materials. The session will examine the fundamental principles consultants can apply to evaluate products – both new and existing – as well as the legislative framework that governs material selection. Don’t miss it!

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Wellbeing of Architects Symposium

12 March 2024

The Wellbeing of Architects [education + practice —] symposium on 8–9 May is the culmination of a groundbreaking, four-year research study – the Wellbeing of Architects: Culture, Identity and Practice. The ACA is a proud longstanding partner of the project. ACA CEO Angelina Pillai and National President John Held are delighted to participate in this important symposium alongside a stellar line-up of industry leaders, academics, practitioners and student representatives.

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Strategies for Small Practices

7 February 2024

informed by Planned Cover is offering a 15% discount for ACA members for its next webinar aimed at small practices. Senior Risk Manager Felicity Dixon and Focus Underwriting’s Claims Manager Karen Wong will share insights into the common claims made against small practices and practical risk management strategies. Don’t miss it!

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Five mobile technology trends transforming architecture

2 November 2023

How can mobile device adoption and usage help to transform practices and their productivity? Deltek highlights five surprising mobile technology trends. 

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Upcoming Ardex CPD Webinars 2023

12 October 2023

Ardex Australia is offering a suite of CPD webinars from 18 October to 29 November 2023, which aim to educate and aid architects on the topics of managing moisture, slab preparation,  grout issues and waterproofing.

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Contracts Toolkit 2023

5 July 2023

informed by Planned Cover is offering a 15% discount for ACA members for its next national webinar on Contracts on 3 August, featuring Wendy Poulton and Felicity Dixon. The webinar will include an update on essential aspects of consultancy agreements.

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Six ways to protect your business online

26 June 2023

Australian businesses are increasingly falling prey to cybercriminals, losing hundreds of millions of dollars every year. When there is so much at stake, how are business leaders managing the ongoing threat and safeguarding future growth? Macquarie Business Banking provides some valuable tips.

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2023 Sustainability Awards

2 June 2023

Entries are now open for the 2023 Sustainability Awards, to be held alongside a Sustainability Summit on 9 November. ACA members are eligible for a 20% discount on entries, which close on Friday 30 June.

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Five Practical Steps to Attract & Retain Top Talent

5 May 2023

Finding skilled, capable, and motivated staff has become an increasing challenge for Australian businesses, with the labour market at its tightest since the 1970s. What are the push and pull factors for candidates who have the pick of the market? Macquarie Bank shares how business leaders are winning the hearts and minds of great recruits.

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Working with the Budget

17 April 2023

informed by Planned Cover is offering a 15% discount for ACA members for its next national webinar on Working with the Budget on 11 May, featuring Risk Manager Wendy Poulton and Architect Clare Cousins. Topics will include managing client budgets, contingencies, value management processes and price flexibility in contracts.

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So, you have been sued! What records will you need?

27 March 2023

Matters are won and lost based on the evidence put before the Court. Risk Manager Filomena Matti takes us through the the detailed and accurate records a defendant will need.

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Perth case study – The Towers & the Ritz Carlton

28 February 2023

The Towers & the Ritz Carlton, a resort-style development on the Swan River in Perth, was a project of epic proportions for Ardex, with 60,000 m2 of tiling products and 20,000 m2 of waterproofing products.

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Why Practices Should Conduct Retention Interviews

24 January 2023

In 2023, talent attraction and retention promise to be ongoing challenges for Australian architecture. So, how do you hold on to the amazing talent you’ve got? Deltek outlines the benefits of conducting regular staff retention interviews and offers tips on how to conduct them.

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Measuring Employee Engagement

8 November 2022

Employee engagement surveys are becoming one of the most important leadership tools, having positive impacts on internal communication, problem solving and staff retention.

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How to Protect your Data

30 September 2022

How worried should you be about the recent Optus data breach? Well, worried, but so should everyone be – Optus customer or not. Frances Russell from FooForce offers some valuable advice about data protection.

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How practices can prepare for the future

15 September 2022

Amid continued change, how are architecture firms preparing for the future? ACA CEO Angelina Pillai shares her thoughts on the Deltek Clarity A&E Study results.

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Performance Solution Reports & Certificates

5 September 2022

Reviewing reports and certificates relating to performance solutions is one of the most common requests Planned Cover has received in 2022, and 2021 before that. Risk Manager Wendy Poulton outlines some key factors to consider.

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5 Benefits of Improving PIM at your Practice

10 August 2022

Deltek shows how improving your project information management processes will enhance document and email management for your practice.

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Waterproofing Case Study – Little Lane ELC

4 August 2022

The Little Lane Early Learning Centre in Manly uses a complete waterproofing system to help overcome the challenges of the site in a quick, efficient manner.

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Specifying for Green Star Buildings

25 July 2022

The Green Building Council of Australia has published Specifying for Green Star Buildings using NATSPEC, an indispensable resource for designing sustainability into a project.

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Trends & Challenges in Practice

24 June 2022

Architecture and engineering firms across the Asia Pacific describe the business challenges they are currently facing and how they are planning to overcome them.

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Practice pressures and opportunities

7 June 2022

How can architects tackle technology, rising costs and the race to secure great talent? Deltek and the ACA hosted a roundtable to find out.

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Reducing the impacts of cyber attack

7 June 2022

Cyber attack, data loss and cyber extortion are top risks for Australian practices. Planned Cover highlights the impact of cybercrime, some of the cyber hygiene practices that can reduce threats, and the role of cyber insurance.

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How does your practice compare?

9 May 2022

Watch a CPD webinar examining the results of the 2022 Deltek Clarity Architecture and Engineering survey with guest speakers Megan Miller and Matthew Tence. Understand the current state of the industry in the Asia Pacific and learn about critical benchmarks to help you succeed and stand out against the competition.

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Moving beyond spreadsheets

5 April 2022

Spreadsheets play a pivotal role in business, but for many practices they have their challenges, from version control to errors to wasted time. Is it time to move beyond spreadsheets in your practice?

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Five Tips for Succession Planning

15 March 2022

Danny Chung, National Head of the Built Environment with Macquarie Business Banking, offers valuable succession planning advice, outlining five factors that will ensure you receive full value for your practice when the time comes to sell.

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New Plumbing Courses

9 March 2022

The ABCB has announced the release of two NCC CPD courses on plumbing, one on heated water services and the other on how to comply with the PCA.

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Alternative Dispute Resolutions for Consultants

9 March 2022

Vesna Koteska, Risk Manager from informed by Planned Cover, unpacks the detail of alternative dispute resolution for consultants through the prism of PI insurance.

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Resource Management & Profitability

6 March 2022

ACA Partner Deltek spoke to architecture industry leaders Mark Murphy from Fender Katsalidis and Scott Huston from DesignInc Sydney to learn the key to successful resource management and its effects on their businesses.

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Innovation, Collaboration & Training for Better Outcomes

5 March 2022

Ardex National Specification and Training Manager Joel Clough says that the current demand for improved innovation in waterproofing, and increasing collaboration with architects during the specification phase, will lead to better outcomes and ultimately help return trust to the industry.

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Succession Planning Online Event with Macquarie Bank

4 March 2022

The WA and SA branches are running an online session on the succession planning process with Macquarie Bank’s Daniel Bolt on Friday 1 April.

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NCC-Compliant Stairways

13 December 2021

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has released a new NCC CPD course on Stairways for practitioners who design, construct and certify stairways in residential and commercial buildings.

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Understanding Standards

11 November 2021

The ABCB is offering a 20% discount as an introductory offer for its newly released one-hour NCC CPD course on understanding Australian Standards and other NCC referenced documents.

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Retaining Architecture Talent

11 November 2021

Finding and keeping the right people in architecture practice is a constant challenge, but particularly so in the current climate. Watch Scott Huston and Tara Keast from DesignInc Sydney deliver an in-depth presentation about best practices for managing talent.

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PI Insurance & Risk Mitigation

10 November 2021

In late 2021 it was timely to revisit the important topic of PI insurance, with a focus on current and future trends, cladding exclusions, compliance risks and rectification. Watch legal and insurance experts from Planned Cover and MinterEllison deliver this formal CPD presentation today.

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November courses – Waterproofing, Tiling & Flooring

10 November 2021

ARDEX Australia is offering a suite of online formal CPD training courses in November, which aim to educate and aid architects on the topics of waterproofing, tiling and flooring systems.

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Confidentiality in Practice

9 November 2021

Confidentiality agreements are common in practice, but how do you manage them? Cordilia Thomas, Risk Manager from Planned Cover, takes us through the basics and offers tips on managing your confidentiality obligations.

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The Importance of Social Housing

3 November 2021

Join Mecca Events and a panel of social housing design and development professionals on 17 November for a comprehensive discussion on sustainable social housing.

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What Does the Future Hold for Architecture Practices?

8 October 2021

After a difficult year, how are architecture practices moving forward? ACA’s CEO Angelina Pillai shares her thoughts and responses to the Deltek Clarity survey results.

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Lighting & Universal Design

6 October 2021

The NATSPEC Technote for Universal Design/Lighting provides useful information for the documentation and specification of lighting. Emma Green from NATSPEC takes a look at the safety impacts of lighting in residential design.

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Facade Performance & the Rules 101

6 October 2021

On Tuesday 26 October, join Mecca Events and a panel of facade and building code experts to explore latest developments and some of the common misunderstandings around Facade Performance and Section J. ACA members can access a 20% discount.

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Designing in Bushfire Prone Areas

4 October 2021

The ABCB is offering a one-hour NCC CPD course on the principles of bushfire behaviour and how it affects building design.

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Getting Confident with Contracts

27 September 2021

informed by Planned Cover will run the second part of its Contract Fundamentals webinar series covering Industry Pro Forma Contracts on 23 November. ACA members can access a 15% discount.

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Creators vs Copycats

24 August 2021

On Tuesday 14 September, informed by Planned Cover is running a national webinar on copyright, intellectual property and how to protect your work. ACA members can access a 15% discount.

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Waterproofing, Tiling & Flooring

15 August 2021

Ardex is running a range of online formal CPD courses in August and September on the topics of waterproofing, tiling and flooring systems. 

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Tracking KPIs Through Tough Times

14 August 2021

After a challenging year, how are architecture practices in Asia Pacific (APAC) performing? Download the latest Deltek Clarity report to find out more.

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Housing & Energy Efficiency – NCC CPD Course

11 August 2021

The Australian Building Codes Board is offering an NCC CPD course to help build understanding of housing energy efficiency requirements. A special discounted offer is available for a limited time.

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Reuse, Retrofit, Recycle

10 August 2021

Mecca’s upcoming CPD webinar on Wednesday 1 September will feature leading design and engineering experts presenting on Adaptive Reuse in Buildings. ACA members can access a 20% discount.

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NATSPEC’s NSW Class 2 Reference Specification

14 July 2021

NATSPEC has released a new reference specification for Class 2 buildings. The reference specification, which was developed in cooperation with the NSW Government, is a nationally applicable quality control tool that sets out the minimum requirements for Class 2 buildings.

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Tech Trends Overview

14 July 2021

The latest Deltek Clarity Industry report explores how architecture and engineering (A&E) firms in Asia Pacific (APAC) are reaching their digital goals, and identifies common barriers to tech adoption.

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Product Specification Post Lacrosse

29 June 2021

informed by Planned Cover is offering a 15% discount to ACA members for a webinar on Product Specification Post Lacrosse on Tuesday 20 July.

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Industrial Manslaughter Laws Webinar

9 June 2021

The next CPD webinar from ACA partner Mecca Events on 23 June will cover industrial manslaughter legislation with legal and work health and safety experts Tony Lawrence, Kate Elliott and Stephen Russell.

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Successful Waterproofing

10 May 2021

Ardex is running a number of one-hour CPD seminars on the Four Key Components of Successful Waterproofing in May and June. 

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Demystifying Legal Jargon

8 May 2021

informed by Planned Cover is offering a 15% discount to ACA members for a webinar on Demystifying the Jargon (Legal) on Thursday 27 May.

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Best Practices in Document Management

6 May 2021

Efficient document management assists practices in being more profitable and reducing risk. Deltek’s Linda Dininger offers her tips on streamlining processes and freeing up your time for the more enjoyable aspects of practice.

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ACA Member Discount for D&BP Act Webinar

11 April 2021

informed by Planned Cover is offering a 15% discount to ACA members for their follow-up webinar on the Design & Building Practitioners Act 2020 (NSW) on 22 April.

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Proportionate Liability & Contributory Negligence

11 April 2021

Proportionate liability and contributory negligence can be powerful legal protections in the event of an alleged claim made against you, but how can you best manage your risk? Felicity Dixon offers some timely advice.

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Streamlining Your Resource Planning

9 April 2021

Resource management is crucial for architecture practices, but few have an effective planning structure in place. Deltek offers three recommendations for getting it right.

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Heritage & Design Webinar

9 March 2021

On Wednesday 31 March, Mecca Events will present a CPD webinar on all things heritage, from understanding heritage context and significance to regulations and compliance, materials and finishes.

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Social Housing of the Future

5 March 2021

Tickets are now available for ArchiPitch 2021 on Tuesday 30 March, which will focus on big ideas for the social housing sector.

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The Superintendent’s Role as Certifier

20 February 2021

informed by Planned Cover is offering a 15% discount to ACA members for their next Contract Administration webinar on 18 March.

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ArchiPitch Seeks Expressions of Interest for 2021

7 February 2021

The ACA is delighted to to support ArchiPitch 2021, which will tackle the important topic of social housing at Melbourne Design Week.

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First Nations Design Principles

24 January 2021

WSP’s Indigenous Specialist Services team and Dr Shaneen Fantin of POD (People Oriented Design) will discuss First Nations Design Principles in Architecture and Building at an upcoming CPD webinar by Mecca Events on 10 February. ACA members can access a 20% discount.

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Record Keeping webinar

21 January 2021

informed by Planned Cover is offering a 15% discount for ACA members for a document management and record keeping webinar at lunchtime on 10 February.

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2020 in Review and Beyond

29 November 2020

Cos Cirocco and Karen Meiklejohn from Planned Cover review the year that was, offering a snapshot of the state of the professional indemnity market and projecting forward to future trends.

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NATSPEC Universal Design TECHnotes

27 October 2020

Australia’s ageing population means that the principles of universal design in residential design and construction are increasingly important. NATSPEC recognises the importance of universal design with the release of three new TECHnotes.

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Collaboration, profitability & technology

30 September 2020

Technology is an enabler for A&E firms. But how does it impact collaboration and profitability? In an interview with ACA CEO Angelina Pillai, Deltek explores the issues surrounding their recently published Clarity A&E Industry Report.

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The View from the Client Side

30 September 2020

informed by Planned Cover is offering ACA members a special discounted rate for an upcoming webinar on what clients need from their consultants.

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Demystifying Cyber Protection Insurance

28 September 2020

Planned Cover demystifies cyber protection insurance, offering an explainer on terminology and what it all means for your business.

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Client Choice Awards 2021

10 August 2020

Do you want to get a better sense of what your clients think of your practice and the service it provides? Enter the Client Choice Awards 2021 for Best Architecture Firm and receive a special report of invaluable client feedback.

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New Archibiz Course Available for ACA Members

29 June 2020

Archibiz and the ACA Business of Small Practice (BoSP) are offering another “Designing Architectural Practice Success” course to ACA members, starting on Tuesday 28 July.

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Cyber Crime in the Age of COVID-19

11 June 2020

As we all try to adapt to a changed world, cyber criminals are taking advantage of changes to our physical working conditions and day-to-day processes. Planned Cover takes a look at the issues around cybersecurity and offers tips on protecting your practice.

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Elevation Architecture’s Digital Transformation

7 June 2020

Rachel Tilleyshort of Elevation Architecture takes us through her firm’s digital transformation, with substantial profitability and productivity gains since implementing Deltek Project Information Management (PIM).

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Culture and Wellbeing Presentation

15 April 2020

The full video presentation of the Architects Leadership Series Culture + Wellbeing breakfast event is now available online.

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Climate Change Consideration in Design

21 February 2020

informed by Planned Cover Risk Manager Kathryn Budd offers advice on managing your risk and your professional obligations related to environmental standards and climate change. What is the role of construction industry professionals in making positive change?

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A Review of the 2019 Insurance Market

4 December 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, Planned Cover's Cos Cirocco and Adele Monaco take a look back, reviewing the insurance market and claims landscape of the past 12 months and advising on how best to navigate it in the immediate future.

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The Benefits of Client Feedback

7 November 2019

Did you know that doing regular research on your clients can reap rewards when it comes to the growth of your practice? Enter the Client Choice Awards 2020 for Best Architecture Firm and receive a special report of invaluable client feedback. It's not too late to enter.

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The Built Environment Channel

8 September 2019

Do you have the BEC in your practice yet? Michael Smith discusses the benefits of the free streaming service and gives us an update on its recent news and initiatives.

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State of the Insurance Market

3 September 2019

The world of insurance has changed rapidly over the last 12 to 18 months. Planned Cover Victorian State Manager Laurence Gottlieb gives us an overview of a toughening market.

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Partnership Protection Insurance

27 July 2019

Do you have partners in your business? Have you got a safety net in place in case disaster strikes? Planned Cover’s Sherren Hepburn explores the benefits of partnership protection insurance.

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Avoiding Cyber Attacks

29 May 2019

What are the crown jewels of your practice? Where are they stored and how secure are they? Sherren Hepburn from Planned Cover takes a look at the issues around cybersecurity and offers tips on protecting your precious assets.

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Risk Management – A Refresher

13 April 2019

Risk Manager Felicity Dixon takes us through the fundamentals of risk management, advising on how best to identify, manage and allocate risk.

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Non-compliant Cladding and Insurance Exclusions

16 October 2018

Insurance specialist Laurence Gottlieb explores the issue of non-compliant cladding and other materials, warning of the changes afoot in the insurance industry.

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Common Claims and How to Avoid Them

13 March 2018

Experienced Claims Manager Kerrie McLeish discusses the most common claims she sees and gives valuable advice on how to avoid them.

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Update on Building Products

29 October 2017

Risk Manager Wendy Poulton offers a comprehensive update on the latest research and investigations on building product compliance in Australia.

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Do Your Contracts Contain ‘Unfair Terms’?

16 February 2017

What will the new Unfair Contract Terms law mean for architects? Planned Cover and Jackson Macdonald take a look.

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