ACIF Update

John Held , 17 July 2014

John Held reports on the recent Australian Construction Industry Forum meeting. 

ACA participated in meetings of the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) in Brisbane in early July. ACIF represents all facets of the construction industry, and also liaises closely with the Australian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC), which is the peak body for all Australasian government procurement agencies.

Recent work includes a new report, due for release soon, on product quality and substitution in the construction industry – this is an issue that causes both safety concerns and much lost time due to rework.

ACIF and APCC have also been drafting new procurement guides with a special emphasis on Integrated Project Teams and how BIM implementation will affect procurement models. There is general agreement that changes in the industry will require more up-front design and planning work, leading to efficiencies and less waste in the actual construction.

ACA is keen to ensure that the architect's role in design and construction is recognised and rewarded, and that we have the collaborative skills to be leaders in the forthcoming changes. ACA will be contributing to forthcoming drafts of these documents and look forward to their release later in the year.

John Held is ACA – SA President and and ACA representative at ACIF. 

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