Splitting the difference

Splitting the difference

10 March 2016

Is 'splitting the difference' really fair? Ian Motley explains how to respond to suggestions in fee negotiations. 

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When to Stay Silent

When to Keep Silent in a Fee Negotiation

4 November 2015

Ian Motley discusses body language, the power of silence and how architects can turn these tactics to their advantage. 

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A Quick Look at Anchoring

11 October 2018

How can architects benefit from the subtle nudge of an anchor? Ian Motley takes another look at the psychology of negotiation.

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Preconditioned to succeed

Negotiation tactics: Preconditioned to succeed

10 May 2017

Preconditioning is a negotiation tactic with a friendly facade and a dangerous bite. Ian Motley from Blue Turtle Consulting shows us how to use the preconditioning tactic to our advantage.

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Beware the Nibble

Negotiation - Beware the Nibble

28 October 2016

One of the least ethical negotiation tactics clients can use is the nibble. Design fee consultant Ian Motley explains what it is and how to strategise to achieve a good outcome for all.

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Why Still Charge by the Hour?

Architecture and Design Fees: Why Hourly Rates?

8 October 2016

The value of a company today is based on ideas rather than assets or staff numbers, so why do architects still charge by the hour? Ceilidh Higgins explores the possibilities for non-traditional fee structures.

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Good cop bad cop

Are you the Good Cop or the Bad Cop?

7 August 2015

Ian Motley provides advice on how to respond when potential clients use the 'good cop / bad cop' tactic during fee negotiations.

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Are You Negotiating Against Yourself?

12 April 2015

Ian Motley argues that fee erosion is often the result of standard negotiation tactics. He explains how to recognise when you are ‘negotiating against yourself’  and how to avoid it. 

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The Art and Science of Increasing Profits

The Art and Science of Increasing Profits

3 October 2014

Ian Motley argues that the profession needs to radically rethink the overall approach to fees and pricing work. 

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