VIC/TAS Update – June 2023

28 June 2023

The VIC/TAS Committee leads the ACA’s work on industrial relations and Award-related activities as well as playing a key role in developing the member-only tools and resources. The following update features the latest in IR and resources, as well as advocacy and upcoming events.


The VIC/TAS branch committee, together with our colleagues at the Institute’s Victorian Chapter, are in consultation with the Department of Treasury and Finance regarding the Victorian Government consultancy agreement. The focus is to work to ensure that the contract is insurable. In parallel, we are cooperating with Consult Australia to look at elements of the contract with implications for electronic information control and moral rights.

We are also currently preparing a submission to address problems arising from the typical condition on planning permits requiring written consent of council for any changes from endorsed plans.

The branch committee is actively engaged in regular meetings with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), together with the Australian Institute of Architects and other key industry bodies, to collectively contribute towards work on Minimum Standards of Documentation.

The branch regularly engages with the Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV) and is in support of changes to fee arrangements by the Board. We recognise that as a non-funded organisation that needs sufficient resources to undertake their mandate under the Act, the Board needs to ensure they have sufficient capacity to perform their role and purpose.

We acknowledge the need to work together where possible with other architectural bodies, such as the Institute and ArchiTeam, to enable a singular voice for architects to best respond to key issues and to advocate for the betterment of the industry.


The VIC/TAS branch is closely involved in the development of an industry forum to discuss Victoria’s Building Reform Program. This event will explore the current context for the industry, highlight the issues in this complex landscape, and explore how these might be addressed going forward. Ideally placed in the policy space between industry and government, the event is being led by the Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning at Melbourne University. Key faculty members have been consulting with relevant industry groups to inform the forum and select industry panellists for the event. The forum is scheduled for 20 July at the University of Melbourne. Look out for more information soon!

We look forward to bringing a little more ACA to Tasmania when we host our August National Executive Committee in Hobart. Planning is underway for a member event to coincide with this meeting, with more information available soon.

Look out also for upcoming Succession Planning and networking events in Melbourne and a regionally focused online event on Heritage matters.


The ACA continues to support the Architectural Administration and Accounting Group (AAAG), encouraging a strong network of practice, business, finance and HR managers and directors for sharing issues and solutions for practice management. The group engages in regular communications and runs short, expert presentations and group discussions on a range of topics, as suggested by its members. If you would like to join the bi-monthly meetings and/or occasional in-person functions, please email our Branch Executive Officer, Katherine Ygosse at


After considering our proposal for a number of years, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has made their API directly available to us, which will allow for an automatic process to update the ACA Salary Calculator tool each year when wage changes are released. This will remove delays and ensure members will be able to utilise this valuable tool in a timely manner and with confidence the data is up to date. This integration is currently being tested by national committees.

After lengthy legal reviews, our much-promised new non back-to-back consultant contract template will soon be available. In addition, the ACA Secondment agreement is also being reviewed for re-release as an independent document outside the resource sharing tool, which will also be reviewed shortly.


More than 30 practices and over 600 staff have joined the ACA’s EAP service trial since it was launched earlier this year, with enquiries still coming in. This would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Kirby Roper and George Theodoridis from the ACA VIC/TAS Committee, with the invaluable support of ACA Membership Coordinator Sascha Byrne. Their commitment to providing a cost-effective and affordable EAP to ACA member practices means you can now provide wellbeing support to your staff for $4.80 (ex GST) per person per month.

For more information or to register your interest in being a part of the program, see the EOI application. For members joining mid-trial, fees are adjusted pro rata.