National Salary Survey

17 February 2017

The ACA National Salary Survey provides important data on architectural salaries across Australia.

The ACA National Salary Survey is conducted annually and provides members with vital information about their position within the broader marketplace. It also develops important longitudinal data aboout architectural remuneration.

Architects are in a competitive market for both labour and projects, and the better informed we are the better we are able to strategise and respond.

The survey questionnaire covers a wide range of roles and positions including professional, technical, and administrative and line management. It has filters for location, size and type of practice, as well as a question regarding benefits within packages.

The survey is independent and anonymous, and the results are available to members through a private portal.

We encourage all ACA members to participate in this regular survey - the more responses, the more meaningful the data that we can provide to members on these important issues.

2017 Salary Survey 

The 2017 survey will be launched on March 20, 2017. Keep an eye on your inbox!

Read the report on the 2016 survey findings here

The survey is accessed via an individual login, which will be emailed to members from 

If you can't find the survey email please contact Louise Street for new login details for your individual link: ph 0431 369 320 or email

How long will it take?

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes. 

What do I need? 

Before commencing the survey, please read the definitions below and have at hand the remuneration details for all staff including:

  • The average salary per role (eg. total remuneration / no. of staff in that role).
  • The lowest salary per role
  • The highest salary per role
  • The list of the benefits your firm offers staff

IMPORTANT NOTE: If any role category where there is only ONE STAFF member, simply list the salary for that staff member in the 'Average', 'Lowest' and 'Highest' columns. If there are NO STAFF in a particular position, DO NOT ENTER ANY DATA.


Salary package' means total cost to business including superannuation and packaged benefits but excluding dividends, distributions and bonuses.

'Combined full-time equivalent' means total number of full-time years worked, with wages adjusted for part-time staff to be full-time equivalent.


Members who undertake the survey are able to access the full results and explore the data in range of ways via an individual login to the survey portal.

The results from the first two surveys form the basis of a report but Gill Matthewson, which is available to ACA members. The executive summary of this is publicly accessible.