ACA - SA Roundtable: Architects and Cost Planners

29 August 2018

How can architects and cost planners work together to deliver the best project value? Join the ACA – SA to discuss the issues at its next roundtable discussion on 20 September.

Often, the first point of call for a client contemplating a building project is to engage a cost manager, before the selection of an architect has even been considered. That initial advice from cost managers may influence project outcomes very early in the piece, potentially impacting on broad project costs, procurement methodology and the selection of appropriate consultants (including architects) before a designer’s pen has touched paper. Does this approach set the project on the right path or can it derail a project’s real potential at the first hurdle?

Join us for a roundtable discussion with key representatives from some of Adelaide’s leading cost management firms to discuss this question and other issues that affect our collaborations, including ways we can work together to ensure outcomes reflect the best possible value – not just for the client, but for the wider community. Some of the possible topics of discussion include:

  • What is the true value on building projects? How does an architect view the value of a project and how might this differ from a cost manager?
  • In this context, which procurement methods produce the best outcomes?
  • How can we manage client expectations, avoid nasty surprises and deliver the best value?
  • How do we avoid un-costed risk?
  • How is technology changing the deliverables and the way we can work together?
  • Can cost managers help architects avoid a fee race to the bottom?


4.30–6.00pm Thursday, 20 September 2018


Hardy Milazzo Offices
Level 2, 44 Currie Street, Adelaide


RSVP online by Tuesday, 18 September 2018