SA Workplace Health & Safety Working Group

John Held , 12 December 2013

A new working group in South Australia aims to rationalise the work health and safety material presented to architects.

After ACA – SA’s successful joint seminar with the Australian Institute of Architects on the new Work Health and Safety legislation, a small working group was formed by ACA – SA to rationalise the information presented and provide information to architects. It consists of Ric D’Andrea (Hardy Milazzo), Thanh Tran (Thomson Rossi), Peter Morris (Swanbury Penglase) and Ian Hore (Walter Brooke) with John Held as convenor. To date the work has entailed the following:

  • Client hazard analyses and checklists – formulating a standard approach to obtaining the information we legally need to obtain from clients
  • Additions to briefing guidelines to incorporate WHS issue
  • Risk analysis tools for designers to comply with the Safe Design Code
  • Specification clauses to ensure the information in the Residual Risk register is formally transferred on to the Contractor.

We have been working closely with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) to ensure a uniform approach to the legislation, whether the client is government or private. We are almost at the stage where the draft documentation can be circulated for comment and trial on actual projects. If you would like to participate in this process, contact John Held at

This item was first published in ACA Communique, June 2013.