Wellbeing & the Physical Office Environment

19 April 2023

The ACA was proud to present the first in our AMWF Toolkit Event Series in November 2022. View this webinar on demand, for an important conversation about how the Physical Office Environment can impact on wellbeing.

This CPD webinar was held on 28 November 2022.


Our first AMWF Toolkit theme is the Physical Office Environment and its impact on wellbeing. The quality of the environment in which you work, whether in practice or at home, can have an enormous impact on wellbeing and productivity, and the dramatic upheaval of the last few years has made this even more clear. As employers, we must recognise the impact of the physical workplace on staff happiness and productivity and make appropriate adaptations and improvements. There are numerous small, inexpensive changes that can be made to any office that can have a positive impact upon mental wellbeing. Changes to workplace habits can also have a positive impact.

Our first national Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum event features the founder of AMWF UK, Ben Channon, who zoomed in from London, plus Naomi Stead, leader of the major research project ‘Architectural Work Cultures: professional identity, education and wellbeing’. We were also delighted to present three practitioners, who shared their experiences of the physical office environment and its impact on wellbeing – Kirby Roper from Kirby Architects, James Dujmovic from JPE and Jock Lovell from Brown Falconer – along with facilitator and ACA CEO Angelina Pillai. See Speaker bios below.


The Australian version of the Architects Mental Wellbeing Toolkit is available for download.

Section five of the Architects Mental Wellbeing Toolkit covers the Physical Office Environment, offering tips on how to make positive adaptations to work spaces.


ACA members – $10
Parlour Collective members – $10
Non-members – $20

Any proceeds over and above the costs of delivering the AMWF Toolkit program will be set aside for future AMWF projects led by ACA.


Participation in this event will deliver 1 formal CPD point on completion of the CPD questions.

Learning outcomes: Completion of this webinar will improve understanding of how to adapt the physical office environment to improve mental wellbeing within practice, with a particular focus on natural light, greenery, outdoor spaces and environments for collaboration; and how to incorporate recreational activities into day to day practice to improve the wellbeing of all in the business. Participants will also gain an understanding of the Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum Toolkit and how to use this document to start conversations and make changes to improve wellbeing; as well as gain a stronger understanding of the major research project ‘Architectural Work Cultures: professional identity, education and wellbeing’ and its progress to date.

Units of Competency and Performance Criteria: Practice Management and Professional Conduct – PC 1

APBSA Core Area: Practice Management

The webinar will include time for a Q&A with the speakers with a self-checked CPD reflection task. Certificates will be provided following participation in the full webinar and online submission of answers to CPD questions.

Contact Information

For more information, contact AMWF Coordinator Sascha Byrne.



  • Angelina Pillai
  • Ben Channon
  • Naomi Stead
  • Kirby Roper
  • James Dujmovic
  • Jock Lovell

Angelina Pillai

Angelina is the CEO of the Association of Consulting Architects (ACA) and Head of Diversity, Culture and Inclusion for the Australian Council of Professions (ACoP). Angelina championed the establishment of the Australian Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum and is a keen advocate for professional practice that prioritises equality, equity and ethics.

Ben Channon

Ben Channon is a London-based architect, author, TEDx speaker and mental wellbeing advocate. He is a Director at wellbeing design consultancy Ekkist, where he helps clients and design teams to create healthier places, and researches how buildings and urban design can impact how we feel. Ben co-founded the Architects’ Mental Wellbeing Forum in the UK in 2017.

Naomi Stead

Naomi Stead is a Professor at RMIT University and Director of the Design and Creative Practice research platform – working with researchers across the design and creative practice fields to engage in high-impact research. She is also the leader of ‘Architectural Work Cultures: professional identity, education and wellbeing’, which explores the work-related wellbeing of architects/students.

Kirby Roper

Kirby is the Director of Kirby Architects and an integral member of the ACA VIC/TAS Committee. Kirby believes that everyone should experience a sense of satisfaction at work, with care taken in our office environment and our interactions with others, whether at work or in the wider community. With over 25 years of experience, she has a proven track record of applying these values to our built environment by creating spaces that respond to and support users.

James Dujmovic

James is a registered architect, who has diverse experience ranging from Master plans and concept design to on site construction and project delivery. James recently led the redesign of the JPE Studio offices, with an emphasis on views and natural light, and creating quality collaborative spaces. He is enthusiastic about research and collaboration, with a focus on creating spaces that respond to their environments, enhance user experience and wellbeing.

Jock Lovell

Jock graduated masters from the University of South Australia in 2019 following an early career in wine making and an undergraduate in Queensland. Jock has a love for architecture because of the people and the collaborative process, as well as the design culture, process and outcomes. Jock is involved in Brown Falconer’s strong fitness and wellbeing culture, with a regular run club, Friday night inhouse activities and wellness lunchtime check-ins.