A Year of Projects for ACA - Vic/TAS

Paul Viney , 17 December 2017

This year has been a fruitful one for ACA – Vic/Tas. The branch has developed and revised resources for the ACA Business Toolbox, negotiated the review of the Architects Award and established a new event series to increase opportunities for discussion and networking.

ACA – Vic/Tas has had a great 2017, and we look forward to building on our hard work in the year to come.

One of the core strengths of the branch is our role in developing tools for the ACA Business Toolbox, which benefits ACA members across the country. In 2017 we worked on two initiatives.

First, we developed version 2 of the ACA Architects’ Time/Cost Calculation Guide (TCCG). Many practices have found the TCCG to be invaluable, and usage continues to grow steadily. We have redesigned the user interface and established a simpler login process. There is also the opportunity to opt-in to anonymously share overhead data, which will allow users to benchmark their costs against other practices of a similar size. Version 2 will be launched early in the new year.

Second, we are building a new resource-sharing platform. This will enable a collegiate approach to staff sharing, which will have great benefits for both employers and employees. The platform is currently being tested. More details coming soon!

The work on the ACA Business Toolbox is complemented by our work in industrial relations – another benefit to all ACA members. This year we focused on negotiating the review of the Modern Architects Award, which is ongoing.

Over 2017, we  expanded our offering by developing a series of events for members based in Melbourne. This year saw three events: What Should I Pay My Staff?; Technology and Architectural Practice; and Fees, Agreements and Running a Studio. Attendance grew over the year, with the last event booking out (members can download the presentations here). We are delighted with this response and plans are in train for a series of four events next year – details will be announced early in 2018.

I thank the ACA – Vic/Tas Committee for their time, their commitment and their enthusiasm – Stephen Cheney, David Wagner, Colin Wilson, Robert Peake, Gary Edwards, Kel Greenway, Richard Bryant, Simon Hanger, Daniel Haskell and Rebecca Quinn. I also thank Michelle Eades, our executive officer, for her hard work and good humour over the year.

Finally, we are looking for new members to join the ACA – Vic/Tas committee.  If you are interested to help improve the future for our profession, please get in touch!

Paul Viney is ACA – Vic/Tas President and a director of FPPV Architects.