Architects Award

The Architects Award

12 October 2018

Download the current awards here, and understand your obligations under the Architects Award and how the ACA can help.

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Architects' Time/Cost Calculator

16 April 2018

The ACA Architects’ Time/Cost Calculator helps practices assess the time and costs involved in providing an appropriate level of service for a broad range of building types. 

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Roof access checklist

Roof Access Checklist

13 August 2016

ACA – SA has developed a model checklist for roof access on site inspections.

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Seven Step Guide to using the Security of Payment Act

A Seven-Step Guide to using the Security of Payment Act

3 December 2015

Robert Macindoe offers a guide to using the Secuity of Payments Act, based in firsthand experience. 

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Specialist advice

Advice for members

30 January 2014

The ACA assists members with formal and informal advice in a range of areas relating to the business of architecture.

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Salary Calculator

ACA Salary Calculator

3 July 2019

The ACA Salary Calculator provides architectural practices with a clear methodology for determining the appropriate award-compliant salaries. Now updated to 2019–20 rates. 

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2019 Award Rates

2019 Award Rates

31 May 2019

Updated Federal Industrial Awards pay rates for awards relevant to employees working in architectural practices.

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ABIC Special Conditions

Special Conditions for ABIC BW 2018 C

6 May 2019

Special conditions allow the ABIC Commercial Basic Works Contract to be adapted for use on small residential projects in New South Wales.

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ACA Insight Download

ACA Insight - Download!

24 August 2018

Continue learning after the ACA Insight National Webinars – download the presentations here. 

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HR Policy Templates

HR Policy Templates

18 August 2018

Comprehensive and written in plain English, the HR Policy Templates can be readily tailored to suit the needs of specific practices.

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Short form architect client agreement

Short Form Architect Client Agreement

23 July 2018

Just three pages and a cover letter, the ACA Short Form Architect Client Agreement is a fair and balanced model contract for use on small to medium sized projects. Edition 2 out now!

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2018 Award pay rates

2018 Award Rates

4 June 2018

Updated Federal Industrial Awards pay rates for the Architects Award – effective from 1 July. 

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Know your business – insurance

Insurance for Architectural Practices

7 April 2018

Planned Cover Manager of Projects and Compliance Vanessa Collins gives a full rundown of the different types of insurance and the protections they provide.

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National Salary Survey

National Salary Survey

3 April 2018

The ACA National Salary Survey provides important data on architectural salaries across Australia. 

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Employer superannuation obligations

Employer Superannuation Obligations

6 April 2017

All Australian businesses have responsibilities when it comes to superannuation. Cbus explains employers’ obligations and how Cbus can help.

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Safe Design Proformas

30 August 2016

The ACA's Safe Design Proformas help architects to meet their obligations under the Model Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and state-specific regulations.

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Guide employment agreements

Guide Employment Agreements

30 August 2016

The ACA Employment Agreements provide member practices with guides that they can review and adjust to suit their particular practice.

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Security of Payment Q&A

Using the Security of Payment Act - Q&A

3 December 2015

Robert Macindoe has successfully used the Security of Payment Act to recover outstanding fees. He answers key questions about the process.

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AusSearch ACA

ACA + AusSearch

5 November 2015

‘AusSearch for ACA Members’ is an online service that enables fast and efficient searching for the documents you need for site analysis and property services.

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Professional Services Subcontract

Professional Services Subcontract

10 February 2015

A new Professional Services Subcontract is available for members to use when a back-to-back agreement is required with the Lead Consultant.

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Employment agreements_contractors

Contractors Employed in an Architect's Office

3 February 2014

A Guide Employment Agreement for Contractors Employed in an Architect’s Office.

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Internships legal advice

Internships - Legal Advice

12 January 2014

An employer’s legal obligations, rights and responsibilities in relation to students, work experience participants and volunteers.

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AS4122-2010 General Conditions of Contract

6 December 2013

The ACA recommends members use AS4122–2010, General Conditions of Contract for consultants.

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Employee / Contractor Decision Tool

The ATO has a simple online tool to help you find out whether your worker is an employee or contractor for tax and super purposes.