Industry Groups Call for Australia-wide Action on Building Regulation

16 July 2019

Five industry groups have issued a call for co-ordinated, nation-wide action on building regulation. The ACA supports this call, and is part of it through membership of the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF).

Issued on Monday 15 July, the call by ACIF, the Property Council, the Insurance Council of Australia, Master Builders and Ai Group (The Australian Industry Group) points to the fragmentation of regulatory enforcement and compliance. The statement calls for coordinated, cohesive action from Commonwealth, State and Territory governments to create certainty through a uniform national approach.

The groups urge the Federal Government to take the lead and bring together all state and territory governments. They identify two critical tasks.

  1. Develop and implement a consistent and best practice Australia-wide response for risk assessment and a rectification strategy for existing buildings with combustible cladding with an agreed timetable that reflects the urgency of the issue. This will reduce confusion, clarify the scale of the challenge and support a viable professional indemnity insurance market that provides the coverage needed by industry participants and building owners.
  2. Establish a joint government-industry taskforce to oversee urgent and consistent implementation of all Shergold-Weir report recommendations across all jurisdictions.

Download the full statement here.