Benefits of ACA Membership

The ACA helps architectural businesses of all sizes to operate efficiently and productively. We provide timely information, promote debate and advocate for better business and employment practices. 

Join today to make the most of our resources, networks and expertise, and to help make a difference in the profession!

Member needs are central to the activities of the ACA, which is a volunteer organisation without a large bureaucracy.

The ACA looks after the business of architecture by offering the following benefits:


  • We lead the discussion on business and employment matters in architecture. 
  • We consult to all levels of government, maintain strong connections with industry bodies and educational institutions, and advocate for good business practices within the profession. 
  • The ACA is the designated Employer Organisation under Fair Work Australia for the Architects Award. 

ACA Toolbox


  • Formal and informal advice on many business issues.
  • Specialist employment and legal advisors assist members when matters are beyond our own considerable experience. 
  • Member networks are also an important source of advice and experience. 


  • We undertake our own research – including the ACA National Salary Survey – and connect you with relevant research elsewhere. 


  • Regular state-based events, the ACA Insight National Webinar Series, and other continuing professional development programs provide information and an opportunity to meet members and share experiences. 


  • Members are kept up-to-date on all of the above via this website, regular email and social media updates, and timely Business Alerts.

Working together 

  • Running an architectural business can be invigorating, challenging and sometimes isolating. The ACA helps you connect with others and share experience and expertise.




Membership of the Association of Consulting Architects is open to all registered practices offering the services of registered architects to the wider community, as defined by the relevant state Architects Act. Membership is open to all corporate structures, from sole traders to listed companies.