Advice for members

The ACA assists members with formal and informal advice in a range of areas relating to the business of architecture.

Specialist employment and legal advisors are also available to assist members when matters are beyond our own considerable experience.

Human Resources and Industrial Relations

The ACA offers members a 15-minute free consultation per practice each year with Michael Corrigan of Platinum Employment Relation on a range of human resource and industrial relations issues. 

To access this 15-minute consultation contact us on with an overview of the issue. Michael will respond within 24 business hours.

Should members require assistance beyond the 15-minute allocation, this can be arranged with Michael and Platinum Employee Relations at a discounted rate.

About Michael Corrigan

Michael has over 20 years of human resource and industrial relations experience in public and private sector management, together with experience in the trade union movement. This gives him particular insight into varying and changing workplace issues. Michael is able to deal with a diverse array of issues, to ensure that the outcome is suitable for all parties concerned and that your business is not compromised. 

Michael has assisted the ACA since 2007 in award updates and reviews and provides general human resource and industrial relations advice to members.

Legal Advice

Each ACA member organisation may seek legal advice from one of the senior members of the Moray and Agnew team by telephone for a maximum of 20 minutes in each calendar year per area of law (property, planning and environment and workplace matters).

To access this 20-minute consultation contact us on with an overview of the issue. Moray and Agnew will respond within 24 business hours.

If ACA members wish to have legal advice over and above the annual limits, they may engage Moray and Agnew at hourly rates agreed with the individual ACA member.

About Moray and Agnew Lawyers

With a team of lawyers that includes qualified and industry-experienced civil engineers, a registered architect and a number of registered adjudicators, Moray and Agnew Lawyers regularly act for construction professionals including architects, principals, contractors, sub-contractors and developers in front-end advisory services, security of payment legislation and litigation and dispute resolution. 

The team can help ACA members in legal matters regarding.