Top drivers for job candidates

Anna Roussos , 16 June 2023

What motivates candidates when pursuing roles? What are the key things they are looking for in a practice? Anna Roussos from ROUSSOS Recruitment outlines some of the recent shifts in the employment landscape.

Architecture is a field that demands technical skills, but also a passion for design, creativity and a deep understanding of the built environment. For candidates seeking a role in architecture, their behaviour and motivations play a key role in shaping their career.

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly reshaped the job market, and the field of architecture is no exception. While the pandemic has driven an increase in salaries and transformed the way candidates think and act towards their work and careers, the true underlying shifts lie in remote work and flexibility, a focus on sustainable and resilient design, and an emphasis on health and wellbeing.

There are several factors that influence the behaviour and motivations of individuals on their architectural career journey. Some of the key drivers for job candidates include:

Professional growth and skill development

Architecture is an ever-evolving field, and candidates are driven by the prospect of continuous learning and skill development. They seek opportunities that challenge their abilities, allow them to work with advanced technologies, and foster personal and professional growth. The desire to refine their expertise and stay up-to-date with industry trends is a significant motivator.

Studio culture and values

Candidates are increasingly drawn to architectural studios that align with their personal values and work culture preferences. The ethos, collaborative atmosphere and sense of purpose within a studio can greatly influence a candidate’s decision to pursue a role. The alignment of values creates a harmonious work environment that fosters creativity and supports individual growth.

Project variety and complexity

Architectural candidates are often inspired by the opportunity to work on diverse projects that challenge their skills and offer unique problems to solve. The desire for variety and complexity in projects drives candidates to seek roles that allow them to work on a broad range of architectural typologies, from residential and commercial to cultural and public spaces.

Passion for design, creativity and collaboration

Architects are driven by a deep-rooted passion for design and creativity. Candidates seek roles that offer opportunities to unleash their imagination and contribute collaboratively to the creation of innovative and visually appealing projects. The desire to leave a lasting impact on the built environment motivates candidates to pursue a career in architecture.

Anna Roussos is the Director and Founder of ROUSSOS Recruitment, which is a leader in the recruitment space for architecture in South Australia. ROUSSOS provides valuable advice and insight into navigating the architectural job market.