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Unfair contract terms – the what, why and how

3 June 2024

The ACA has launched a valuable new resource to assist members with their understanding of contracts. Mario Dreosti discusses the longstanding challenges of unfair contracts and negotiation, the recent changes to the Unfair Contracts Act, and the genesis of the new ACA discussion paper.

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Unfair contract changes – What’s in it for you?

8 November 2023

Who does the new unfair contracts legislation apply to? When is a contract term unfair? What happens if it is unfair? And how does this help you? Wendy Poulton, Risk Services Manager with informed by Planned Cover, provides an explainer.

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Why Novation is in the Spotlight

28 February 2022

In November 2021, Wendy Poulton presented an informative one-hour webinar on Novation. Here she lists the reasons why the topic is so important and what makes a better novation experience.

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Negotiating Government Tenders

28 February 2021

Architects must collectively resolve to stop accepting unfair or uninsurable contract terms, argues Laura Harding from Hills Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects.

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COVID-19 Fallout - Contract Questions

1 April 2020

As COVID-19 disruption hits projects, supply chains and timelines, Wendy Poulton, Principal of informed Lawyers Pty Ltd, looks at some popular contract questions.

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Novation - A Guide for Architects

17 April 2019

Novation can create confusion for architects and builders alike. Christopher Larcos offers a legal primer to the contractual rights and obligations of a novated project.

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Building Industry Fairness

19 January 2019

The Queensland government recently issued a series of reforms to improve security of payment for subcontractors. Risk Manager Cordilia Thomas looks at the detail.

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Construction contracts - avoiding the pitfalls

15 September 2017

Do your construction project contracts reflect your appetite for risk? Mark Glynn explores the issues.

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Who Takes the Risk?

4 April 2017

Wendy Poulton reflects on the changing landscape of risk in architectural practice, and offers a check list of ten things to look for in commercial consultancy agreements.

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Do Your Contracts Contain ‘Unfair Terms’?

16 February 2017

What will the new Unfair Contract Terms law mean for architects? Planned Cover and Jackson Macdonald take a look.

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Unfair Contract Terms

10 May 2015

The Federal Treasury has committed to extending unfair contract protections to small businesses. Mario Dreosti provides an overview.

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