Own your own security

8 November 2023

IT security is increasingly a critical part of your business plan. So, how do you own your own security and protect your business? Frances Russell from Fooforce provides valuable advice for ACA members on how to keep ahead of the cyber crooks and IP thieves.

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Five mobile technology trends transforming architecture

2 November 2023

How can mobile device adoption and usage help to transform practices and their productivity? Deltek highlights five surprising mobile technology trends. 

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Six ways to protect your business online

26 June 2023

Australian businesses are increasingly falling prey to cybercriminals, losing hundreds of millions of dollars every year. When there is so much at stake, how are business leaders managing the ongoing threat and safeguarding future growth? Macquarie Business Banking provides some valuable tips.

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How to Protect your Data

30 September 2022

How worried should you be about the recent Optus data breach? Well, worried, but so should everyone be – Optus customer or not. Frances Russell from FooForce offers some valuable advice about data protection.

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How practices can prepare for the future

15 September 2022

Amid continued change, how are architecture firms preparing for the future? ACA CEO Angelina Pillai shares her thoughts on the Deltek Clarity A&E Study results.

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Trends & Challenges in Practice

24 June 2022

Architecture and engineering firms across the Asia Pacific describe the business challenges they are currently facing and how they are planning to overcome them.

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Practice pressures and opportunities

7 June 2022

How can architects tackle technology, rising costs and the race to secure great talent? Deltek and the ACA hosted a roundtable to find out.

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Reducing the impacts of cyber attack

7 June 2022

Cyber attack, data loss and cyber extortion are top risks for Australian practices. Planned Cover highlights the impact of cybercrime, some of the cyber hygiene practices that can reduce threats, and the role of cyber insurance.

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Collaboration, profitability & technology

30 September 2020

Technology is an enabler for A&E firms. But how does it impact collaboration and profitability? In an interview with ACA CEO Angelina Pillai, Deltek explores the issues surrounding their recently published Clarity A&E Industry Report.

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Cyber Crime in the Age of COVID-19

11 June 2020

As we all try to adapt to a changed world, cyber criminals are taking advantage of changes to our physical working conditions and day-to-day processes. Planned Cover takes a look at the issues around cybersecurity and offers tips on protecting your practice.

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Elevation Architecture’s Digital Transformation

7 June 2020

Rachel Tilleyshort of Elevation Architecture takes us through her firm’s digital transformation, with substantial profitability and productivity gains since implementing Deltek Project Information Management (PIM).

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IT Advice for Working Remotely

18 April 2024

As more people incorporate remote or hybrid work into their working week, Peter Johns offers comprehensive advice on all things tech, from computers, software, internet and email to useful apps and file storage solutions. He also offers some terrific tips on ergonomics, team morale and using that downtime productively.

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Avoiding Cyber Attacks

29 May 2019

What are the crown jewels of your practice? Where are they stored and how secure are they? Sherren Hepburn from Planned Cover takes a look at the issues around cybersecurity and offers tips on protecting your precious assets.

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Cloud Computing

8 May 2019

Deloitte Private Principal Adam Russell explores how cloud computing and balanced strategic decision making can drive performance and growth.

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Survey Results Available!

11 December 2018

The second independent survey of business and practice management systems has uncovered some interesting findings.

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Keeping on Top of Tech

19 February 2018

Delegating your technology needs to your IT team is a mistake, argues Robert Peake. As a leader you need to understand and drive the IT strategy within your business.

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New BIM Taskforce

19 February 2018

ACA - Qld/NT and the Australian Institute of Architects Qld have joined forces to create a BIM Taskforce to help architects and practices become BIM capable.

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Business Systems Survey Results

14 October 2017

Do you know where to start when choosing a new business management system for your practice?

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Ensuring Australia's future in BIM

14 October 2016

It's essential that Australia has a consistent approach towards BIM implementation, ensuring its future growth can support international opportunities, argues Rebecca De Cicco.

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A Cautionary Note on Software Cost Structures

19 July 2016

Software costs structures are changing; this could have significant impact on your business’s long-term profitability. ACA - WA outlines the issues.

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Where to From Here: Embracing technological change

15 June 2016

Is architecture on the verge of the greatest change in centuries? Ceilidh Higgins looks to the future and predicts disruption of epic proportions. Part of the ACA's Where to From Here series.

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BIM - the Architects' Trojan Horse

17 September 2015

Peter Barda argues that BIM offers a way for architects to regain their role as trusted advisor.

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Cyber Attacks and Insurance

13 August 2015

What are the exposures of hacking and other cyber criminal activity to your business? Alex Conlon of BJS Insurance Brokers considers the issues in this emerging risk area.

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BIM and Insurance

6 March 2015

What are the insurance implications of BIM for architects? Alex Conlon of BJS Insurance Brokers considers the issues in this emerging field.

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To BIM or not to BIM? What a Question!

4 November 2014

How might the industry encourage clients to take up BIM?

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