Five steps for getting ahead

3 May 2024

In what feels like a crowded market, how do we differentiate ourselves? Ryan Loveday offers five practical steps to get ahead, from selling tangible outcomes and building visibility around expertise, to growing your community and relationships, and prioritising client service. He also throws in several excellent book recommendations.

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Marketing Trends 2024

13 February 2024

Amy Edwards and the Markedly team have analysed what’s happening in the marketplace and pinpointed the top 10 trends that are leading the way for marketing in 2024. Here we provide a summary and a link to the full report.

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Award submissions

30 August 2023

There is a common perception that entering industry awards is an onerous process with very little return if you don’t land a win. However, award submissions can benefit practices in multiple ways, from capturing expertise to strengthening client relationships and promoting exceptional projects, writes Alicia Brown.

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Marketing in feast and famine

19 July 2023

With the ebbs and flows of the construction industry, it’s common to see practices juggling too much work or too little. Marketing consultant Amy Edwards offers some excellent advice on how to tackle a variety of challenges at times of feast and famine.

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How to build a strong brand

3 July 2023

In today’s competitive landscape, building a strong brand has become paramount for success. Architectural marketing expert Dave Sharp discusses the significance of brand development in architecture, emphasising the value of qualitative marketing strategies, effective budget allocation and premium distribution channels.

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Skill Stack and Charge More

16 January 2023

Skill stacking is an invaluable way for practices to differentiate themselves and corner a specific market, writes Michael Lewarne.

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Referrals – the unsung hero of the marketing toolbox

10 May 2022

Rachael Bernstone explores the topic of Referrals – how to collect them, how to use them, and how to monitor their effectiveness in relation to inquiries from prospective clients, lead generation and new projects.

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The Value of Architecture

1 September 2021

Rachael Bernstone of Sounds like Design connects the wellbeing of architects with fee-setting and communicating the value of architecture.

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Enhancing Workplace Communication

20 February 2021

Parlour’s comprehensive Work & Wellbeing survey increases understanding of the impacts of the pandemic on Australian architecture. The answers to the open questions, in particular, contain a wealth of advice and reflection, and reiterate the need for improved communication. Anwyn Hocking identifies the core themes and assembles key advice.

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Communicating the Value of Design Development

27 October 2020

How do we advocate for the value of this critical part of the design process? Jennifer Crawford provides a clear, concise explainer on why DD matters.

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The Value of Good Communication

6 August 2020

UK-based communications professional Celeste Bolte argues that architects need to become better storytellers, to engage the public, and assert their relevance through simple and meaningful communication.

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Making Marketing Gold From Your Award Entries

21 April 2020

Rachael Bernstone, journalist and comms consultant, offers some tips on how to increase your return-on-investment for awards entries.

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Internet Chat in Practice

25 November 2019

As online chat gains popularity, and boundaries between home and work become blurred, how do we take advantage of quick, easy communication without compromising our work or our mental health? Sarah Hobday-North explores the issues.

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Putting People in the Picture

8 June 2019

Why are people largely absent from our architectural imagery? As a profession that designs and builds spaces for people, perhaps we need to be more conscious of including people in our floorplans and models, writes Fiona Young.

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Three Keys to Creating a Valuable Social Media Presence

12 November 2017

Social media should be an important part of the every architectural practice's communication program, but not all architects know how to proceed. Kate Potter explains how to get started.

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Social media in practice - a case study

17 April 2017

Emma Brain outlines CODA's approach to social media, which has enabled the Fremantle-based practice to build a national profile and engage with clients and colleagues across the country.

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Presenting to Government

15 October 2014

How architects present in government contexts can have a large impact on their chances of getting the job, or gaining support for a project. Jill Garner, Victorian Associate Government Architect, offers some tips.

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Navigating planning systems

5 October 2014

Planning lawyer Paul Vergotis offers a set of tips to help manoeuvre an architectural project through planning systems from proposal to success.

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Making Email Work

1 April 2014

Useful tips from Prodonovich Advisory.

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Architects & Social Media

25 January 2014

How can architects use social media effectively for business and professional development?

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