Pulse Checks

The ACA Pulse Checks provide a detailed account of the impact of COVID-19 on the Australian architectural profession and provide a substantial evidence base for advocacy.


Pulse Check no. 6

22 August 2022

The results of ACA Pulse Check no. 6 reveal the significant impacts that the last two years have had on architectural practice – flexibility is now both the norm and the future. The survey confirms the very tight employment market and reflects a profession that is, on the whole, very busy.

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ACA Pulse Check 6 – Initial Findings

11 August 2022

Justine Clark provides a summary of the recent ACA Pulse Check survey findings, with stats on flexibility, employment, wellbeing and challenges, including rising material costs, supply chain problems and the increased costs of running business not matched by increased income.

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ACA Pulse Check no. 6

18 July 2022

The ACA Pulse Check is back. The sixth survey in our longitudinal study will chart what has changed for architectural businesses, document the challenges and identify opportunities– all to support future planning and advocacy. Take the survey today!

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ACA Pulse Check 5 – findings

20 May 2021

ACA’s first Pulse Check for the year – the fifth since the pandemic began –  gives a fairly positive account of the rebound from COVID. Here we outline the key findings, including stats on levels of work and work pipeline, the impact of JobKeeper, changes to employment and workplace arrangements, mental wellbeing, and the future outlook.

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ACA Pulse Check no. 5

26 April 2021

Please take the ACA Pulse Check no. 5. We are now over a year into the pandemic. How is your practice going? What has changed? What has stayed the same? How is the future looking?

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ACA Pulse Check 4 - Preliminary Findings

21 October 2020

Announcing the preliminary results of Pulse Check no. 4

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VicPulse Findings

7 September 2020

The ACA – Vic/Tas has released the results of the first VicPulse survey. Top level findings reveal worrying levels of work cancelled or on hold. On the other hand, the survey responses are quite positive in terms of wellbeing and many practices have been able to keep staff on due to the support of JobKeeper.

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Pulse Check No. 3 - Preliminary Findings

9 June 2020

The preliminary findings of the ACA Pulse Check No. 3 are out now. Concerns about workflow continue, but some projects have restarted and JobKeeper payments have enabled many practices to keep staff on. Mental wellbeing results are positive overall, with some toll on senior management. Practices are returning to the office and considering necessary changes.

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ACA Pulse Check Advice on Mental Wellbeing

15 April 2020

The ACA Pulse Check No 2 survey invited participants to answer questions about the mental wellbeing of their practice and people. Susie Ashworth unpacks the results and highlights the best tips and advice for looking after the mental wellbeing of all within practice.

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Pulse Check No. 2 - Preliminary Results

2 April 2020

The ACA has released the preliminary results of the ACA Pulse Check No. 2. Top line findings reveal serious concerns about workflow, financial impact and employment, but the survey also shows that architectural practices are adapting quickly to the changed working environments.

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ACA Pulse Check no. 1 - Preliminary Findings

18 March 2020

The ACA has released the preliminary results of the ACA Pulse Check no. 1. We are now analysing these further.

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