NSW/ACT Member Benefit – Tools for Architects

31 August 2023

The NSW/ACT Committee is delighted to announce a new member benefit, a discounted rate on the newly developed Tools™ app, which summarises the NCC into simple, interactive graphics. Building Codes, version and Class references are all included, as well as best practices and risk information, helping architects specify how to build properly, save time and avoid mistakes and rework.

The Tools™ app unlocks construction knowledge and simplifies building compliance. Designed to transform as much as 30 pages of text, tables and figures into a single, informative graphic, it aims to eliminate the need to sift through piles of confusing, disorganised rules and regulations, and capture them in a user-friendly app. Devised by experienced building consultant Jerry Tyrell and many years in the making, the Tools™ app is based on the National Construction Code 2022, ensuring that the NCC is “always in your toolbox”.

Head to the ACA NSW/ACT link to sign up today.



The app has been designed to be straightforward and intuitive. It is 3D and digital with no paper and no delay. Most importantly, Tools™ illustrates the craft of building. It uses an illustrated home screen and clear visual language, making it easy to use and accessible. Users can then zoom in to find the specific detail, and click a hotspot to get more detail or see an important table. And, importantly, they can immediately share the info with a colleague or contractor.

Creator Jerry Tyrrell explains how you can get the most out of the app: “You can harness Tools™ as you draw your details. Better still, SpecBlock™ lets you embed Tools™ in your drawings and details. It means that everyone building your designs must use the craft that Tools™ illustrates so well.”

Sign up with Discounted Cost

ACA NSW/ACT members have access to a special discounted rate:

  • $24.99 per month for individuals (currently $29.99 for public users)
  • $19.99 per team member per month for teams of two or more
  • FREE Tier available to trial Tools at no cost

To sign up today, head to the ACA NSW/ACT sign up link.

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For more information, see the Tools website and the FAQ page.


“Australia’s poor quality standards have caused too much pain and shame for too long. All we ever wanted is good quality buildings that make money for everyone who build and maintain them. Join the war on defects! Defend our reputation by using the right Tools™! Make money because you are never caught up with the blame and cost of mistakes and rework.”

— Jerry Tyrrell, Creator of Tools™


“A picture is worth a thousand words… Architects need to comply with a complex web of building codes and standards that interlink and overlay with words and is very difficult to see an overall ‘picture’. Tools is all those words (and more) in a ‘picture’. It also provides links to detailed references back to codes and standards, and is able to be easily shared using a smartphone/tablet/computer…

This has totally changed how I use codes and standards. Being able to check a picture and zoom in on such issues as Bushfire levels, Egress Paths, Accessibility and then simply share a link is revolutionary. This tool is essential for any architect or student in architecture who wants to design and practice in the 21st century. It’s a game changer!”

— David Springett, FRAIA, ACA NSW/ACT Committee, Past UTS Senior Lecturer in Professional Practice

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