New Construction Product Register

7 February 2019

NATSPEC’s National Construction Product Register is a new tool to ensure quality control and reduce the number of non-conforming products in the Australian built environment. Emma Green from NATSPEC Communications tells us more about how it works.

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non-conforming building products

Key Findings from Non-conforming Building Products Inquiry

5 February 2019

The final report of the inquiry into non-conforming building products was tabled by the Senate Economics References Committee in December 2018. Subtitled “the need for a coherent and robust regulatory regime”, it aims to strengthen accountability and compliance in relation to building products.

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Copyright Infringement

Copyright Infringement

1 February 2019

What difficulties can ensue if client and architect fall out? Christopher Larcos has prepared a fascinating case note on a recent court decision that could affect architects who take over mid-project.

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Laurence Gottlieb

Non-compliant Cladding and Insurance Exclusions

16 October 2018

Insurance specialist Laurence Gottlieb explores the issue of non-compliant cladding and other materials, warning of the changes afoot in the insurance industry.

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NSW Ban on Aluminium Composite Panels

New Building Product Ban in NSW

27 August 2018

The NSW Commissioner for Fair Trading has announced a building product ban for certain types of aluminium composite panel (ACP) cladding.

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Shergold Weir Report

Building Confidence

18 August 2018

John Held provides an overview on recent discussions at the COAG Building Ministers Forum regarding the Shergold-Weir Report, Building Confidence.

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Non-compliant cladding

Non-compliant Cladding - A Year in Review

14 May 2018

Katherine Czoch and Chetan Shukla offer a comprehensive state by state review of the latest audits, regulation, court decisions and insurer responses to non-compliant cladding.

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Update on Building Products

Update on Building Products

29 October 2017

Risk Manager Wendy Poulton offers a comprehensive update on the latest research and investigations on building product compliance in Australia.

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Safe Design Proformas

30 August 2016

The ACA's Safe Design Proformas help architects to meet their obligations under the Model Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and state-specific regulations.

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Roof access checklist

Roof Access Checklist

13 August 2016

ACA – SA has developed a model checklist for roof access on site inspections.

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Security of Payment Q&A

Using the Security of Payment Act - Q&A

3 December 2015

Robert Macindoe has successfully used the Security of Payment Act to recover outstanding fees. He answers key questions about the process.

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Seven Step Guide to using the Security of Payment Act

A Seven-Step Guide to using the Security of Payment Act

3 December 2015

Robert Macindoe offers a guide to using the Secuity of Payments Act, based in firsthand experience. 

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SEPP 65 update

15 May 2015

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Taxable payments reporting

Taxable Payments Reporting

7 May 2015

Taxable Payments Reports for businesses in the construction industry are now due on 28 August. 

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Planning approvals

Navigating planning systems

5 October 2014

Planning lawyer Paul Vergotis offers a set of tips to help manoeuvre an architectural project through planning systems from proposal to success. 

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Health & Safety in the Workplace - Get Involved!

Health & Safety in the Workplace - Get Involved!

30 March 2014

Anna Piatkowska invites members to help develop a set of guidelines on architects’ duties as employers under health and safety legislation.

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OHS scheme review

Government Review of the OHS Accreditation Scheme

30 March 2014

A discussion paper and the terms of reference for the review of the Australian Government Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme are now available.

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Changes to the Privacy Act

Changes to the Privacy Act

26 March 2014

An overview of changes to the Privacy Act from March 12. 

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Fees 2

Getting Paid: Security of Payment

2 February 2014

Peter Sarlos explains the Security of Payment Act and how architects might use it to their benefit.

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Workplace Health & Safety in South Australia_crop

SA Workplace Health & Safety Working Group

12 December 2013

A new working group in South Australia aims to rationalise the work health and safety material presented to architects.

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Architectural  Practice Board of SA CODE OF CONDUCT

Architectural Practice Board of SA Code of Conduct

9 September 2013

The new Code of Conduct released by the Architectural Practice Board of South Australia requires extra material to be added to standard architect client agreements.

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SD What you need to know

Safe Design - What You Need To Know

14 June 2013

Anna Piatkowksa provides an update on current safe design requirements and the ACA’s Safe Design Process.

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Safe Design in South Australia

Safe Design in South Australia

26 February 2013

ACA Safe Design documents are being been adapted for South Australia.

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