Doing Documentation Better

30 October 2020

Join the ACA and guest speaker Alex Chistiakoff on 11 November 2020 to learn more about delivering high quality documentation efficiently and consistently.

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Culture in architectural practice

Culture in Architectural Practice

2 March 2020

What does culture really mean and how do we ensure it is front and centre in our practices? Join HR experts Rhonda Brighton-Hall and James Hancock on Wednesday 11 March for a webinar on the importance of culture in architectural practice. 

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Cost Planning webinar

Cost Planning & Negotiation 101

30 September 2020

Join the ACA and our expert speakers on Wednesday 21 October for an introduction to Cost Planning and Negotiation, and the crucial role these skills can play for the success of your practice.

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Succession Planning

Succession Planning: Preparing for the Unexpected

15 September 2020

Having succession planning in place with a contingency is critical to the survival of your business. Join the ACA on Tuesday 6 October 2020 for a special presentation on Succession Planning from Daniel Orrell from Planned Life Cover.

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Future Workplace

The Future Workplace

11 September 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has provided the impetus for a global rethink about how, when and where we work. How will the global pandemic change the workplaces of the future? Don’t miss this timely lunchtime panel discussion on Wednesday 23 September to explore where we go from here.

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Cyber security

Cyber Security webinar - 16 September

22 August 2020

Join the ACA and speakers from NexSys IT, Cythera and Planned Cover to learn more about how you can take control of your cyber security in 2020. Rescheduled event. On Demand Purchase available.

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The Client Experience

The Client Experience in the Built Environment

24 August 2020

Join the ACA and beaton on 9 September for exclusive insights on the client experience within the built environment sector.

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Risky Business

Risky Business

9 July 2020

Save the Date for our annual Risky Business event on Friday 24 July, which will cover recent claims, trends and war stories.

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Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation Panel Discussion

30 June 2020

Join the ACA and Deltek on 22 July for a special panel discussion on how to gain a competitive edge by using innovation and technology effectively in your practice.

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Cash Flow Mgmt

Cash Flow Management Webinar

22 May 2020

Join Gordana Milosevska from Management for Design for this timely ACA formal CPD webinar on 2 June on essential cash flow management. 

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Know your award

Know your Award and Legislative Changes

16 April 2020

Join the ACA and Michael Corrigan for our Know Your Award 2020 formal CPD webinar on Thursday 23 April at 1pm. Learn about 2020 Award updates, COVID-19 measures and personal leave changes. Book now to reserve your place.

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Line Paras BoSP

Managing Small Business Finance in a Crisis

8 April 2020

Join the ACA – WAs Business of Small Practice (BoSP) team and Line Paras from business support agency Counting Clouds on 22 April for a webinar on how to manage small business finance in a crisis.

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remote work webinar

Managing Remote Teams Webinar

8 April 2020

Join the ACA for a Remote Working Webinar on 15 April, with leadership and communication specialists Hannah Fitzhardinge and Jeroen van Dalen.

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ACA Online – the juggle

Juggling Home & Work

27 February 2020

Join the ACA for a lively online discussion about juggling home and work, practice and parenting with Melonie Bayl-Smith and Michael Lewarne.

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Marketing Gold

April Webinar - Marketing Gold

24 March 2020

In the first of our re-worked events that we are now presenting as webinars, communications expert Rachael Bernstone will teach us how to re-purpose our awards submissions into marketing gold on 1 April.

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Webinars On Demand

CPD Webinars On Demand

4 October 2020

Did you miss out on a particularly interesting webinar? Are you working towards fulfilling your CPD requirements? ACA CPD webinars and online events are now available for purchase on demand. 

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Technology Strategies webinar

Technology Strategies & Managing Change in Your Practice

8 November 2019

The ACA’s last webinar of the year on 26 November will cover digital transformation and managing change in your practice. Book now to secure your place.

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Flexible work webinar

October Webinar - Managing Flexible Work in Your Practice

24 September 2019

What are the benefits and challenges of incorporating flexible working arrangements into your practice? Join HR expert Merilyn Speiser on Wednesday 16 October for a webinar on flexible work.

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NCC 2019 Webinar

September Webinar - NCC 2019

5 September 2019

Are you across the detail of the 2019 National Construction Code (NCC)? Join the ACA and the ABCB on 25 September for an informative webinar on the latest changes. 

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Understanding Insurance

August Webinar - Insurance & PI Claims

9 July 2019

Join the ACA and Planned Cover on 14 August for a special update on the state of the Australian insurance industry.

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Future Practice

Will a Robot Take My Job?

3 June 2019

How will technology shape the future of architectural practice? Save the date for our upcoming webinar on 24 July with Ceilidh Higgins. It’s not to be missed. 

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Robert Peake webinar

Business Foundations for Architecture - Part 1

6 March 2019

Join us on 27 March for our first ACA National Webinar for 2019, as Robert Peake shares the first of a two-part series on running a profitable and successful architecture business.

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Communicating value of architecture

Communication Strategy Webinar

6 May 2019

How do you communicate the value of your work to clients, consultants and the general public? Book now for our webinar on 29 May, when Rachael Bernstone will share tips and techniques for effective strategic communication.

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Business Foundations webinar 1

Business Foundations Webinar - Part 2

25 March 2019

Don't miss Part 2 of our webinar series on how to build a successful and sustainable architecture practice on 1 May with Robert Peake.

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Mental health thumb

Building Personal Resilience Webinar

15 November 2018

Paul Clifford will outline key strategies for supporting mental health within small and medium practice. Book now for our final webinar of 2018 on 5 December.

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Cladding and insurance

Cladding and the Changing Insurance Market

22 September 2018

Do you know how to tackle the practical challenges posed by flammable cladding in past and present projects? Are you familiar with future developments in the insurance industry? Join us on 17 October for the ACA Insight Webinar to learn more.

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Talent Management and Succession Planning

Talent Management and Succession Planning

2 August 2018

Do you have plans in place for the future of your practice and the key people who are so crucial to its success? Book NOW for the August ACA Insight webinar.

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Safety in Design

Safety in Design Liberation

2 August 2018

Would your practice benefit from a simpler, more streamlined process when it comes to Safety in Design? Book NOW for the September ACA Insight webinar to learn more.

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ACA Insight salary webinar 2018

2018 National Salary Survey webinar

10 June 2018

What are current pay rates in the industry? How does your practice compare? What are the trends for 2018 and how have salaries changed? BOOK NOW for our national webinar on 27 June.

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Fees - thumb

How to Make Fee Agreements Work for You

10 May 2018

Have you found yourself overlooking the fee agreement so you can get started on design? Book now for our May webinar to learn more about fees and how to keep your business in the black.  

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Neil Savery - thumb

Transformation of the National Construction Code

11 April 2018

Find out about the outcomes-focused National Construction Code and what it means for you. Book NOW for the May ACA Insight webinar!

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Social Media for Architects

Social Media for Architects

5 March 2018

Join Martyna Kulczyk for the March ACA Insight on the many benefits of social media.

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2018 National Webinar Program 2

2018 National Webinar Program

19 February 2018

The ACA is delighted to announce the 2018 ACA Insight National Webinar Program. Put the dates in your diary now!

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Growth and profitability

Profitability and Growth Strategies for Architects

9 February 2018

Join Robert Peake to ensure your practice is positioned for future growth and profitability – ACA Insight webinar, 28 February.  

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ACA Insight

Changes to the Architects Award

19 September 2017

Changes to the Architects Award – how do they affect your practice? Find out from Michael Corrigan at the October ACA Insight national webinar.

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ACA Insight webinar

Ensuring your business is free from bullying discrimination and harassment

20 August 2017

Do you know how to ensure your business is free from bullying discrimination and harassment? Join Merilyn Speiser for the September ACA Insight and find out all you need to know.

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ACA Short Form Architect Client Contract

New ACA Short Form Architect Client Agreement Webinar

10 July 2017

Join Christopher Larcos for an ACA Insight webinar on the new ACA Short Form Architect Client Agreement.

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Brand marketing

Brand Marketing for Architects

6 June 2017

Join Lindy Johnson for the June ACA Insight on brand marketing – the first in a series of two webinars on business and marketing for architectural practices.

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Business development

Business Development for Architects

6 June 2017

Join Lindy Johnson for the August ACA Insight on business development for architects.

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Contracts and How to Survive Them

Contracts and How to Survive Them

19 March 2017

Making contracts work for you. In the April ACA Insight national webinar Wendy Poulton and Natalie Sullivan outline key issues in contracts, and provide some tips on how to negotiate them. 

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ACA Insight

ACA Insight - the National Webinar Program

20 February 2018

ACA Insight – the National Webinar Program gives all members the opportunity to join a national discussion on the business of architecture.

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The Future of Practice: The architectural firm as a design knowledge ecosystem.

The Future of Practice: The architectural firm as a design knowledge ecosystem.

17 February 2017

What is the future of architectural practice? In the first ACA Insight national webinar for 2017, Dr Peter Raisbeck argues that practices need a major rethink and a new focus on design knowledge ecosystems. 

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Know your employment contract

Know Your Employment Contract

21 September 2016

Join Michael Corrigan and Paul Viney in conversation on 19 October about the ins and outs of employment contracts.

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People @ architecture

People @ architecture - national webinar

16 August 2016

Laraine Sperling focuses on the people of architecture for the August 2016 webinar.

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2016 National Salary Survey

2016 National Salary Survey Webinar

14 July 2016

What are current pay rates in the industry? Gill Matthewson presents analysis of the 2016 ACA National Salary Survey results for the July National Webinar.

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Switch off the lights

Switch off the Lights!

21 January 2016

How do you shut down and architectural practice? The ACA presents two webinars on how to close the curtains and switch off the lights.

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Business of Architecture 3

Business of Architecture - Part Three

27 October 2015

Join Robert Peake for the last webinar in his important and engaging series on the Business of Architecture. 

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The Business of Architecture

The Business of Architecture - Part Two

16 September 2015

Join Robert Peake for part 2 of his important series on the Business of Architecture, where he will discuss financial control, profitability and team you need around you. 

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ACA Insight Download

ACA Insight - Download!

24 August 2018

Continue learning after the ACA Insight National Webinars – download the presentations here. 

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ACA Insight

The Business of Architecture

10 August 2015

The business of running an architectural practice requires ongoing focus from leaders. For the September National Webinar, Robert Peake runs through the main elements of running a business.

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Gill Matthewson_National Salary Survey webinar

National Salary Survey Webinar

25 April 2017

What are current pay rates in the industry? What are the trends for 2017 and how have salaries changed? Gill Matthewson analyses the ACA National Salary Survey for the May 2017 ACA National Webinar.

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Intellectual property for architects

Intellectual Property for Architects

10 September 2014

The first ACA Insight National Webinar addresses the complexities of Intellectual Property for Architects.

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