2016 Budget Impact Survey Analysis

What Does the 2016 Federal Budget Mean For Architects?

17 May 2016

The 2016 Budget Impact Survey indicates a fairly neutral overall response to the 2016 Federal Budget by architectural practices. The good news is that a over half of respondents are busier than last year, although not all are more profitable. John Held considers the findings. 

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SA research findings

SA State of the Profession - the research is in

19 April 2016

We now know a great deal more about architectural practice in South Australia – three reports provide a comprehensive account of the state of the profession and the opportunities and challenges for the futur

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SA State of the Profession survey

ACA - SA State of the Profession Survey Report

7 April 2016

The ACA – SA State of the Architectural Profession survey provides crucial research on the size, shape and characteristics of architectural practice in SA – the first study of its kind in Australia.

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ACA SA Registration Report

Architects in SA - A View from the APBSA data

7 April 2016

A report on data from the APBSA provides and overview of the demographics of registered architects in South Australia. 


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Architects in SA

Architects in SA - A view from the census

7 February 2016

Architects in SA – A View from the Census is the first report on the Australian architectural profession to look at census data over time. 

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Digital Survey

AIA / ACA Digital Capability Survey

12 February 2019

The ACA and the Institute have joined forces to run a National Digital Capability Survey. 

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Practitioner Focus Groups

AACA Seeks Participants for Focus Groups

4 February 2019

Do you have something to say about the way practitioners can be involved in architectural education? The AACA is looking for a mix of architects to take part in focus groups nationwide.

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architectural education thumb

Architectural Education Survey

12 November 2018

The AACA is leading a major study of architectural education and the profession. Take their 15-minute survey to help support this important work.

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Practice Mgmt Systems Survey

Business Systems Survey 2018

10 October 2018

How effective are your Practice Management Systems? Take our five-minute survey to help us uncover the best systems available, and to share our results.

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ACA 2018 Salary Survey

2018 Salary Survey Findings

17 August 2018

The findings of the 2018 National Salary Survey, with analysis by Dr Gill Matthewson, are now out. There is still a gender pay gap and some practices persist in paying under Award minimums! 

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National Salary Survey

National Salary Survey

3 April 2018

The ACA National Salary Survey provides important data on architectural salaries across Australia. 

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Research in practice

Research in Practice

14 March 2017

John Held reflects on conjunctions of research and practice in a talk presented at the Australian Institute of Architects Flipped Forum, which asked ‘Can practice lead research?’

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2016 Salary Survey

2016 Salary Survey Report and Analysis

19 August 2016

The ACA has released the report on findings of the 2016 National Salary Survey – salaries are up very slightly, but worrying trends continue – there is still a gender pay gap and some practices persist in paying under Award minimums!

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Architects in Australia

Architects in Australia

18 May 2016

Insightful reports by Gill Matthewson chart the professional profile of architects and the industry’s growth and development in recent years through the 2001, 2006 and 2011 Censuses. 

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Budget Impact Survey findings

2016 Budget Impact Survey - Findings

16 May 2016

The results of this year's ACA Federal Budget Impact Survey.

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Exporting architecure

Exporting architecture

27 September 2015

Please take the ACA’s quick survey on practices working internationally. Do you currently undertake work abroad? Are you interested to? What challenges do you face? How might government best support you?

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2015 Salary Survey

2015 Salary Survey Report and Analysis

17 July 2015

The ACA has released the report on findings of the 2015 National Salary Survey. The outlines the broad trends identified this year and compares these to the results from the previous two years.

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2015 budget survey findings

Findings - 2015 Federal Budget Impact Survey

23 May 2015

The ACA’s 2015 Federal Budget Impact Survey sought to better understand what the budget means for architectural practices and the profession. 

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2015 Budget Survey Analysis

What does the 2015 Federal Budget mean for architecture?

23 May 2015

The message from the 2015 Federal Budget Impact Survey is clear – some short-term gains for some, but few long terms benefits.

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Strategic Plan Update

ACA Strategic Plan - An Update

7 March 2015

The ACA has achieved an enormous amount since it released a new Strategic Plan, in 2012. National President, Steve Kennedy, outlines the achievements to date. 

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State of the Profession

The State of the Profession

19 February 2015

ACA wins Architectural Practice Board of SA Research Fellowship to research the state of the profession

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Salary survey report

2014 Salary Survey Findings

8 June 2014

The ACA is pleased to release a report on findings of the first two iterations of the National Salary Survey.

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Survey findings

Findings of the 2014 Federal Budget Impact Survey

23 May 2014

An overview of the results. 

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Budget survey analysis

The Canary Sings - Architectural Practices Concerned About the 2014 Federal Budget

23 May 2014

What does the federal budget mean for practices, the profession and society? 

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Preliminary Observations from the Inaugural Salary Survey

Preliminary Observations from the Inaugural Salary Survey

15 July 2013

The ACA ran its inaugural salary survey in mid-2013. What does it tell us about renumeration in the profession?

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