SA Pres report

ACA - SA 2016 President's Report

19 June 2016

It’s been another busy year for the SA branch of the ACA. Membership has increased and feedback is positive.

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SA August update

ACA - SA August Update

19 August 2016

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2016 Budget Impact Survey Analysis

What Does the 2016 Federal Budget Mean For Architects?

17 May 2016

The 2016 Budget Impact Survey indicates a fairly neutral overall response to the 2016 Federal Budget by architectural practices. The good news is that a over half of respondents are busier than last year, although not all are more profitable. John Held considers the findings. 

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News from ACA - SA

19 March 2017

The ACA – SA's latest update features a strong program of events and advocacy for 2017. 

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NEC Update

An update from the ACA National Executive Committee

17 February 2017

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ACA SA Pres Report

SA President’s Report, 2013 - 2014

17 June 2014

John Held, ACA – SA President, reports on the previous year and on plans for the future.

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News from SA

News from SA

17 February 2017

There is a lot planned in SA for 2017. John Held provides an update. 

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The Gap Between Authority and Expertise - BIM and Government Procurement

The Gap Between Authority and Expertise - BIM and Government Procurement

12 April 2015

John Held reflects on the importance of the educated government client and architects who have a sophisticated understanding of the client organisation.

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ACA SA update

ACA - SA Update

16 July 2018

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ACA - SA Advocacy - February update

ACA - SA Advocacy - February update

26 February 2014

ACA – SA has kicked off 2014 with energy and enthusiasm. John Held provides an update on recent advocacy and initiatives.

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ACA SA November update

ACA - SA November Update

14 November 2017

There is a real opportunity to work on the new 'design-led' schools program in South Australia. John Held explains – and how ACA can help. 

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SA April

SA April news

17 April 2017

An update from ACA – SA.

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ACA SA October Update

News from South Australia

5 November 2014

ACA – SA President, John Held, with an update on recent on recent discussions around procurement, limits of liability and other issues. 

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Learning Environment Opportunity Study

17 February 2017

ACA – SA has been working closely with the SA Department of Education and Child Development to introduce a new type of planning study for schools.

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SA Pres report

SA President's Report

1 December 2013

John Held provides an overview of SA activities in 2013.

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ACA SA April

ACA Action in SA

19 April 2016

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ACA SA July Update

July Update

4 August 2014

It is always busy at ACA – SA. John Held outlines recent events and activities.

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Construction happiness index

Do We Need a Construction Happiness Index?

4 November 2014

John Held on happiness, mental health and the construction industry.

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ACA SA August

News from SA - August

21 August 2017

30 years of ACA – SA. John Held outlines current work, and reviews the last year of advocacy and action. 

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2015 Budget Survey Analysis

What does the 2015 Federal Budget mean for architecture?

23 May 2015

The message from the 2015 Federal Budget Impact Survey is clear – some short-term gains for some, but few long terms benefits.

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John Held

John Held, New ACA National President

21 September 2018

John Held, long-time ACA – SA President, is the new ACA National President. He introduces himself and plans for the future. 

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July 2015 update

ACA - SA July 2015

21 July 2015

An overview of activities in South Australia this month.

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Step up!

Step Up, Don’t Step Back

13 July 2017

John Held argues that stepping up to the small stuff is also the path to improving the profession's wider role in society.

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ACIF Forecasts in Practice B

ACIF Forecasts in Practice

4 December 2013

John Held reflects on how the ACIF Forecasts are used at Russell and Yelland.

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2017 Budget Survey analysis

What Does the 2017 Federal Budget Mean for Architects?

6 June 2017

John Held reflects on the findings of the 2017 ACA Federal Budget Impact Survey.

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ACA – SA August 2015 update

ACA - SA August 2015 Update

13 August 2015

News from ACA – SA.

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Local Content

22 September 2016

Specifying local content is important to South Australia's economy. A recent ACA – SA Round Table explored the issue with Industry Participation Advocate Ian Nightingale.

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May News from ACA - SA

12 May 2015

ACA – SA President John Held provides an update for May 2015.

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December 2015 Update

ACA - SA December Update

4 December 2015

The last SA update for 2015. (Have you done the State of the Profession Survey yet?)

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ACA SA June 2017

ACA SA June Update

9 June 2017

An update on activity from ACA - SA.

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Research in practice

Research in Practice

14 March 2017

John Held reflects on conjunctions of research and practice in a talk presented at the Australian Institute of Architects Flipped Forum, which asked ‘Can practice lead research?’

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Shergold Weir Report

Building Confidence

18 August 2018

John Held provides an overview on recent discussions at the COAG Building Ministers Forum regarding the Shergold-Weir Report, Building Confidence.

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SA March 2016

ACA - SA March 2016

10 March 2016

Procurement, research, registration and roundtables – a brief update on a very active month at ACA – SA.

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News from SA

News from SA

19 February 2018

ACA – SA has a number of events and activities planned for 2018. John Held gives us a quick rundown.

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ACA SA May 2017

May News from SA

11 May 2017

ACA – SA is forging ahead with advocacy around the procrement of STEM works and proposed changes to government contracts. 

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SA April Update

ACA - SA April update

11 April 2015

John Held outlines recent and upcoming events and activities.

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June Update

ACA - SA June Update

13 June 2015

John Held updates members on ACA – SA activities and discussions. 

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ACA SA November 2016

ACA - SA November 2016

10 November 2016

Advocacy and action continues apace in South Australia.

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ACIF Update

Australian Construction Industry Forum Update

9 October 2013

John Held provides an update on recent ACIF activities.

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September Update

ACA - SA September Update

7 October 2014

This month’s activities in South Australia.

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A Year of Highlights for ACA - SA

17 December 2017

This year has been a busy one for ACA – SA, with increased membership and plenty of new initiatives for research, advocacy and engagement.

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ACA SA Celebrating 50 years thumb

Celebrating 50 years of ACA - SA

26 February 2014

ACA – SA celebrates 50 years with an event at the SA Architecture Museum.

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Give SA graduates a chance

Give SA graduates a chance!

6 October 2016

South Australia produces some great architecture graduates. ACA – SA argues that they should also have the chance to design buildings for their universities as they proceed with their careers.  

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ACA SA update

News from South Australia

13 July 2017

John Held with all the news from South Australia.

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SA Procurement

Improving Government Procurement in South Australia

10 February 2015

ACA – SA is on the front foot with changes in government procurement – a report on the recent DPTI priorities survey.

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ACIF Update

17 July 2014

John Held reports on the recent Australian Construction Industry Forum meeting. 

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ACA SA March update

ACA - SA March Update

11 March 2015

An update on all things ACA – SA. 

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Building Confidence: The Shergold-Weir Repor

Building Confidence: The Shergold-Weir Report and its Implications for Architects

11 May 2018

The Shergold-Weir Report argues for better quality documentation and improved oversight. ACA – SA President John Held digs down to see what the recommendations might mean for architects. 

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SA Seasons Greetings

SA 2016: A year in review

15 December 2016

President John Held reports on a busy year for ACA in South Australia. Membership has risen, there’s generally a better vibe about the amount of work around.

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ACA SA August update

ACA - SA August Update

2 September 2014

The August monthly update from ACA – SA. 

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Building Quality

Building Commissioner Auditing Not Enough

13 February 2019

The NSW Government announcement of a new Building Commissioner to audit building design and construction does not go far enough. Government needs to investigate the construction contracting methods, relationships and behaviours that affect building quality and safety.

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I've looked at cloud from both sides now

I've Looked at Clouds From Both Sides Now ...

9 April 2014

John Held considers the opportunities and costs of cloud computing in small practice.

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Workplace Health & Safety in South Australia_crop

SA Workplace Health & Safety Working Group

12 December 2013

A new working group in South Australia aims to rationalise the work health and safety material presented to architects.

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