ACA – QLD/NT has an active calendar of events – including regular site visits and lunchtime forums – all aimed at creating platforms for members to share experiences and create relationships. The branch is also a strong advocate for members to government and industry.

Find out more about what is coming up and what we have done in the past via the links below. We hope to see you at an ACA – QLD/NT event soon.


Site Tour – National Rugby Training Centre

14 February 2024

Join the ACA QLD/NT Committee and Blight Rayner Architects on Friday 22 March for a site tour of the National Rugby Training Centre in Herston Brisbane. Don’t miss out. Book now!

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AMWF Lunch Seminar – Managing Burnout

5 February 2024

The ACA QLD/NT Committee is delighted to host an AMWF Lunch Seminar on Managing Burnout with Clinical Director of North Brisbane Psychologists, Dr Rachel Hannam on Thursday 22 February. Book now!

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QLD/NT Branch Update – December 2023

4 December 2023

Advocacy and an interesting mix of informative events kept the branch committee busy and engaged with the profession in 2023. Highlights include the lunch forum and interview with Queensland MP Elizabeth Watson-Brown, the popular annual Risky Business event and the always fun Trivia Night!

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ACA QLD/NT Update – October 2023

17 October 2023

The QLD/NT branch committee has had a busy month, with their popular Risky Business event and a lunch forum with architect and current Federal MP Elizabeth Watson-Brown. Leanne Williams provides a recap.

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Two-Part Contract Administration Course

4 October 2023

The ACA has previously developed and delivered a two-part seminar on contract administration in conjunction with Dr. Harm Hollander, Doctor of Creative Industries (QUT) and Angela Yates, Partner at Moray & Agnew Lawyers. Contract administration is a critical skill for architectural practices. This recorded webinar is available to view on demand.

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Interview with Elizabeth Watson-Brown MP

23 January 2024

ACA QLD/NT was proud to host a lunch forum featuring guest speaker Elizabeth Watson-Brown, former architect and current MP for the electorate of Ryan in Brisbane’s west. We are now pleased to be able to offer this insightful presentation on demand.

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QLD/NT event recaps

2 August 2023

The ACA QLD/NT President Gilda Donegan was delighted to make it over to Darwin in late July for the Good Habits Seminar, a highly informative session with speakers from Planned Cover. The QLD/NT Committee was also pleased to host their annual Corporate & National Partners Breakfast.

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2023 Trivia Night

10 July 2023

Join the ACA Qld/NT Committee and Quiz Master Robert Wesener for the 2023 Dinner and Trivia Night on Friday 25 August.

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QLD/NT Update – June 2023

28 June 2023

In the last six months, the QLD/NT branch committee have been busy organising interesting and topical online events, providing networking opportunities, site tours and panel discussions, and advocating on the issues that matter to the profession.

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Gap Filler 24 Training Course

28 June 2023

The ACA, in association with Moss Architectural Learning, is pleased to support the ‘Gap Filler 24’ training course, with a 10% discount on offer for all members. The next course will commence on 6 March 2024

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Darwin Event – Risk Update

20 June 2023

The ACA and Planned Cover will run a timely face-to-face seminar in Darwin on Wednesday 26 July on managing risk, avoiding common insurance claims and developing good habits in practice. Book now!

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James Cook University Site Tour

2 June 2023

Join the ACA QLD/NT committee on Thursday 22 June for a site tour of the James Cook University (JCU) Technology Innovation Complex in Townsville. Although still in the final stages of construction, this event is a great opportunity to see the building before it’s opened. Book now!

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Brisbane Lunch Discussion – Construction Cost Inflation

16 May 2023

Join the ACA QLD/NT committee for a lunch presentation and panel discussion focused on construction cost volatility and the future economic outlook. Book now to reserve your place.

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All Hallows School Tour

25 January 2023

Join the ACA QLD/NT on Tuesday 28 February for a special presentation and site tour of the Potter Building Adaptive Reuse Project at the All Hallows School in Brisbane.

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QLD/NT 2022 Update

6 December 2022

In 2022, the QLD/NT branch committee were delighted to get back to doing what they do so well – providing interesting and topical face to face events, networking opportunities and bringing people back together for some much-missed in-person interactions.

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The Client Brief & Managing Fees

4 August 2022

The QLD/NT Committee is hosting a lunch forum on Wednesday 24 August on The Client Brief and Managing Your Fees. Join guest speakers Lawrence Toaldo from Conrad Gargett, Mark Williams from Mark Williams Architects and Darren Cardy from Ashburner Francis, with moderator David Brian from dwp Architects.

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Mental Health in the Construction Industry

25 July 2022

Don’t miss the next AMWF online session on Wednesday 27 July on Mental Health in the construction industry. Join us for an important discussion with Jorgen Gullestrup, who led the development of the MATES in Construction program.

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QLD/NT Update – July 2022

12 July 2022

QLD/NT President Gilda Donegan provides a recap of the first six months of 2022, where the branch committee has continued to learn to be adaptable.

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Welcome to our new QLD/NT Committee members

18 May 2022

The QLD/NT Committee thanks their outgoing members and introduces four new members – Ben Madden, Mark Kennedy, Justine Ebzery and Adam Perrier. Welcome to all!

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Rethinking Leadership

26 April 2022

The Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum QLD/NT is running an online session on Thursday 5 May on rethinking leadership with a view to improving the wellbeing and contribution of all in practice.

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Specification Writing

18 May 2022

Did you miss our recent Specification seminar? The ACA has developed a two-part seminar on ‘how to write specifications’ in conjunction with Greg Blain. It’s a critical skill for architectural practices. Now available for a discounted price as CPD On Demand.

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Priorities for Regional Architects

20 February 2022

Join the ACA QLD/NT on Tuesday 22 February to discuss key industry priorities for regional architects. Don’t miss it!

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Building Morale, Motivation & Flexibility

9 February 2022

Fulton Trotter Director Justine Ebzery says that Zoom and lockdown fatigue is real, and keeping up morale and maintaining motivation and energy levels through so much COVID uncertainty has been a key focus.

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Qld Trivia Night 2022 – Prepare Early

31 January 2022

The QLD/NT Committee’s Trivia Night has had to be postponed, but it’s not too early to start prepping with practice-based trivia sessions.

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Around the Table – A QLD Advocacy Update

31 January 2022

Immediate Past President of the ACA QLD/NT Robert Wesener provides a comprehensive update of the ACA’s advocacy efforts in Queensland.

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Save the Date – Darwin Lunch

30 January 2022

The ACA QLD/NT will host a special lunch in Darwin for members and non-members on 17 February. Keep an eye on your inboxes for more details.

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Putting People First

28 January 2022

QLD/NT Committee member Denis Waring shares his pandemic experiences as Principal of PW Architecture, and the need to prioritise people through challenging times.

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Leah Lang Virtual Roundtable

18 January 2022

Join the ACA – QLD/NT and Queensland Government Architect Leah Lang on Wednesday 2 February to discuss key industry priorities for the year ahead.

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QLD/NT 2021 – Events, Advocacy & Regional Focus

4 December 2021

It’s been a busy year for the QLD/NT branch with a full event calendar, a continuation of ongoing advocacy discussions with local governments, and a focus on engagement with the regions.

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Fostering Connection & Offering Support

10 October 2021

Conrad Gargett HR Manager and AMWF member Brooke Tranberg outlines some of the practice’s wellbeing initiatives, including in-house Social and Wellbeing Committees, a well-promoted EAP, open conversations about mental health, and a pre-COVID all-company Archi-Tour to foster connection.

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Zoom, EAPs & Lockdown Love

5 October 2021

Popular wellbeing initiatives for Fulton Trotter have included Wellness Wednesday, a formal EAP, Zoom drinks, yoga and art classes, and a little ‘lockdown love’, says FT Director and Chair of the AMWF QLD/NT Justine Ebzery.

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Living Architecture with Lindsay and Kerry Clare

2 September 2021

On Wednesday 8 September, the QLD/NT branch will run the first in a Q&A series with prominent architects, this time with Lindsay and Kerry Clare. Don’t miss it. Book now!

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Risky Business 2021

11 July 2021

The popular annual Risky Business webinar, held in July 2021, featured expert speakers offering legal, insurance and practitioner insights on how to actively manage risk in practice.

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QLD/NT Recap – Learn, Change & Adapt

25 June 2021

QLD/NT President Gilda Donegan provides a recap of the first six months of 2021, a period where the key themes were to learn, change and adapt!

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Champions of Change webinar

9 June 2021

On Wednesday 23 June, the Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum (QLD/NT) will host a special online discussion on wellbeing in the profession with Monica Edwards and Brett Hudson from the Champions of Change Coalition.

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NCC Update for Architects

12 May 2021

The ACA – QLD/NT branch committee is hosting a lunch forum on the National Construction Code on Wednesday 26 May with guest speaker Michael Moran.

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New BGGS Science Learning Centre

11 May 2021

Last month, the QLD/NT branch committee organised a site tour of the seven-storey Science Learning Centre at the Brisbane Girls Grammar School. Ray Giarola provides a recap.

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QLD/NT Branch Update – March 2021

10 March 2021

The QLD/NT Committee provides a branch update for March, with a welcome to new members, a new CPD webinar series, a review of the recent trivia night, and a look at the Jobsupport program used by Populous.

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Susan Dugdale & Associates

8 March 2021

The small, busy team at Susan Dugdale and Associates have found that reputation and relationships are key when working in a remote regional location like Alice Springs.

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Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum QLD/NT

24 February 2021

The QLD/NT Architects Mental Wellbeing Forum provides an update on recent activities, their plans for the year and an invitation to get involved.

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New QLD/NT Branch President Gilda Donegan

8 February 2021

The Studio Director of GHDWoodhead in Queensland, Gilda Donegan, is our new QLD/NT Branch President. Congratulations Gilda! 

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2021 Trivia Night

4 February 2021

Join the ACA – Qld/NT Committee and Quiz Master Robert Wesener for the 2021 Trivia Night on 26 February.

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QLD/NT Update 2020

6 December 2020

The QLD/NT branch offers a summary of an extremely busy year, with a full event schedule and many priority issues to address through their advocacy.

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Succession Planning: Preparing for the Unexpected

15 September 2020

Having succession planning in place with a contingency is critical to the survival of your business. Join the ACA on Tuesday 6 October 2020 for a special presentation on Succession Planning from Daniel Orrell from Planned Life Cover.

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Targeted funding & thinking long term

3 August 2020

Justine Ebzery reflects on the need for targeted funding for new public housing, public schools and community health infrastructure, with adequate resources for design and planning.

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Risky Business 2020

9 July 2020

The 2020 Risky Business webinar covers common legal issues for architectural practices, with lawyer John Moore and Planned Cover manager Karen Meiklejohn.

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QLD/NT Branch Update - May 2020

29 May 2020

The QLD/NT Committee has focused on promoting the value of architects, industry engagement with representation on several committees, and a diverse program of events.

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NCC Training for Architects

24 April 2020

Could you have a better understanding of the National Construction Code? The ACA is offering a CPD training course on 12 and 26 May in conjunction with Philip Chun to upskill architects in respect to using the NCC for Commercial Buildings.

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Remote Working Advice

20 April 2020

Working remotely can be challenging and disruptive, and requires realistic expectations and a flexible approach, says Charmaine Kai of Brisbane-based practice 8i Architects.

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Planning for Health, Wellbeing & Financial Sustainability

16 April 2020

As Queensland prepared for lockdown, Cairns-based practice People Oriented Design worked on strategies with health, wellbeing and the long-term financial sustainability of the practice firmly in mind.

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Building on Existing Flex Systems

5 April 2020

For BVN, the transition to all staff working from home has been ‘seamless’. The ease of the move is an outcome of already having robust flex systems in place, a commitment to open honest communication, and a focus on health and wellbeing.

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Clear Communication and Patience

22 March 2020

Justine Ebzery outlines the steps Fulton Trotter has taken in response to COVID-19 so far, including clear, regular communication to clients and employees, transitioning to more work from home arrangements, and a focus on patience and kindness.

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QLD/NT Update - March 2020

2 March 2020

The QLD/NT branch’s latest update includes the recent vertical school site tour, the 2020 event calendar, advocacy, CPD, committee members and corporate partners.

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QLD/NT Calendar of Events 2020

2 February 2020

The QLD/NT Calendar for 2020 is once again jampacked with events, from lunch forums to panel discussions, site tours and trivia nights.

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The Architect’s Role in Industry Reform

26 January 2020

Join the ACA - QLD/NT committee and guest speaker Bronwyn Weir for a special lunch presentation in Brisbane on Thursday 5 March on the architect’s role in industry reform. Book now for this unmissable event.

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Qld/NT Update - A Jam-packed Calendar of Events, Surveys and Sponsorship

4 December 2019

The ACA - Qld/NT committee had another busy year, with two surveys, an extensive calendar of events and increased membership and expansion of sponsorship.

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Gallery House Site Tour

8 November 2019

Join the QLD/NT Committee and Sandra Browne and Qui Lu from Cottee Parker for a site tour of Gallery House in Hamilton on 12 November.

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The Digital Journey

19 September 2019

Book now for the Qld/NT branch committee's next lunch presentation on 18 October, when three guest speakers will discuss their digital journeys and the benefits of keeping on top of new tech.

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2019 Trivia Night

8 September 2019

Join the ACA - Qld/NT Committee and Quiz Master Robert Wesener for the 2019 Dinner and Trivia Night on Friday 25 October.

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Events, Advocacy and Education in QLD/NT

8 September 2019

Our Qld/NT branch update includes recent events, advocacy initiatives, education research and a couple of Save the Dates.

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The Architects Role, Fee-cutting and the Procurement Process

15 August 2019

On 29 August, the ACA - QLD/NT Committee will conduct an important forum covering the architects' role, skills and management, fragmentation of the procurement process and fee-cutting.

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QLD/NT President's Report

12 June 2019

As the end of the financial year approaches, QLD/NT Branch President Robert Wesener provides an update on the Committee's goals for the coming year.

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Jackman Gooden Architects

28 March 2019

Darwin-based practice Jackman Gooden Architects prides itself on its success in collaborative projects, aligning with other local and interstate architects, specialist consultants and design-oriented building contractors.

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HHH Architects

7 February 2019

In 2018, HHH Architects celebrated its 40th anniversary on the Gold Coast, an opportune time to reflect on past achievements, succession planning and the challenges ahead.

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Fulton Trotter Architects

12 October 2018

Ongoing strategic planning helps Fulton Trotter create a road map for future business development opportunities, ensuring they stay relevant and working in the markets that will sustain their business.

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Welcome Robert Wesener

20 September 2018

The ACA - Qld/NT has a new branch President. Congratulations to Robert Wesener! Robert will also be taking on the role of ACA National Treasurer.

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Thank you Mark Williams

20 September 2018

Thanks to Mark Williams for his hard work and commitment.

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A Year of Events for ACA - Qld/NT

17 December 2017

ACA - Qld/NT President Mark Williams reflects on a year full of events and activity.

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