Rosalie 2

Office of Regional Architecture

10 December 2018

Business courses and mentoring opportunities have motivated a continual improvement approach for Rosalie Pech Eva.

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WBL member profile tile

Williams Burton Leopardi

5 November 2018

A series of challenges at Williams Burton Leopardi provided the impetus for a radical review and rethink of everything from client interactions to studio systems and processes.

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Fulton Trotter

Fulton Trotter Architects

12 October 2018

Ongoing strategic planning helps Fulton Trotter create a road map for future business development opportunities, ensuring they stay relevant and working in the markets that will sustain their business.

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The Mill thumb

The Mill: Architecture + Design

12 September 2018

Learning when to say no to the wrong client, the wrong project or the wrong situation in general has been valuable for Shannon Battisson of The Mill in Canberra. 

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Bryant Alsop thumb

Bryant Alsop Architects

13 August 2018

For Bryant Alsop, success comes from building strong relationships – with consultants, builders and suppliers as well as valued employees.

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PTX Architects

PTX Architects

17 July 2018

A client focus and a reverence for place have been fundamental for Denmark firm PTX Architects.

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